Power outages are a problem that can have serious consequences for any home or business, and between aging power grids, rising demand and unpredictable weather events, they can come at just about any time. It can happen anywhere in Canada, but statistically, the province of Ontario is particularly at risk, with such events happening on average five times more often than elsewhere.

If you’re in a location like Aurora, Ontario, this underscores the importance of having reliable backup power from a source you can depend on to work in even the most extreme conditions, such as a Generac backup generator installed by a top dealer like Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Standby Generators in Aurora, ON

A prolonged outage can lead to serious inconveniences for homeowners in Aurora, Ontario. Especially if there’s a severe storm event happening — that’s the time you least want to be deprived of light and heating. Outages also mean the failure of major appliances and sump pumps, the potential spoilage of food and supplies and the loss of charge for the digital devices that most of us rely on to keep in touch with crucial updates, emergency services and family members.

It’s important to have a backup solution that goes beyond waiting for the utility company to get the lights back on. A home backup generator from Generac is a reliable solution that provides peace of mind. These units come with a range of cutting-edge features:

  • Uninterrupted power using your choice of natural gas, diesel or propane fuels
  • Self-contained and unobtrusive, operating with noise levels as low as 60 decibels
  • True Power Technology for utility-quality electricity that’s friendly to computers and sensitive appliances 
  • Mobile Link monitoring that allows you to check your unit via cell or Wi-Fi from just about anywhere
  • Purpose-built engines that deliver dependable performance even in tough conditions
  • Weekly or monthly automated self-tests that keep the unit functioning at peak efficiency

Generac products come in a range of outputs depending on your needs and budget and can power everything from select priority circuits to your entire home. The friendly professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors are always happy to help select and install your backup unit in a way that fits your needs while maximizing safety and functionality.

Commercial Backup Generators

If you own or operate a business in Aurora, Ontario, the importance of backup power can’t be overstated. Restaurants and convenience stores can ill afford the loss of refrigeration and spoiling of supplies. Retail businesses can suffer up to thousands of dollars of losses per hour in a power outage, while medical clinics can lose the use of equipment crucial to safeguarding the health of their clients.

It’s critical to protect your power, and Generac commercial backup generators are the solution. Automatic transfer switches compensate immediately for power losses, and user-friendly LCD controls make it easy for employees to operate the system. Available for single- and three-phase installations and with a variety of fuel sources, these industry-leading generators come with remote monitoring, load management tools and switches and other useful accessories.

Platinum Electrical Contractors provides free, no-obligation on-site assessments and advises you on the backup power solution that best fits your needs. All of our units are UL certified and fully compliant with fire safety and other regulations. 

Industrial Backup Gensets in Aurora, ON

Warehouses and factories, plants, utilities and major health care facilities all need to have backup power in place as a matter of course — the services they provide are just too important to afford outages. Whether you need to upgrade or replace your industrial backup genset or get a custom-designed solution for a new facility, you need professionals like Platinum Electrical Contractors with years of experience in delivering for industrial-scale clients.

Our industrial backup power solutions offer:

  • High-powered diesel generators to meet today’s growing demand
  • Purpose-built liquid-cooled engines, fuel stabilizers and cold climate kits for maximum reliability
  • Specially designed accessories for enhanced performance

  • Modular design that provides scalability and adaptability to your needs
  • Integrated switching and load management, with ISO-certified industrial transfer switches
  • Network-ready intelligent controls compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and web-based protocols

We pride ourselves on providing the best in sales and service and offer comprehensive maintenance plans with annual and six-month scheduled inspections that keep your custom-designed genset operating efficiently. 

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