Temperatures dip low in Whitchurch-Stouffville when winter arrives, and harsh conditions sometimes cause power outages. Instances of outages have risen 20% in recent years due to increased demand and dated infrastructure. Add to that a surge in summer and winter storms, and you have all the reasons you need to call the #1 generator installer and maintenance team in Whitchurch-Stouffville — Platinum Electrical Contractors — to get a quote for your own Generac standby generator.

Serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in the greater Ontario area, Platinum Electrical Contractors offers professional virtual and in-home consultations to gauge your needs accurately. After that, we handle your Generac backup generator installation from start to finish and offer fuss-free maintenance and repair services to keep everything in excellent working order. Personalized solutions catering to what’s essential to you ensure uninterrupted power, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse and the lights go out.

Residential Backup Generators in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Feel confident in your family’s ability to stay warm and comfortable by using the #1 generator installer and maintenance team in Whitchurch-Stouffville to set up your Generac generator. When forecasts mention winter storms on the way, a backup generator lets you face the incoming weather worry-free, knowing your heating system, lights and essential appliances have power options, no matter how bad it gets outdoors. Our residential backup generators use natural gas, propane or diesel and include whole-home and partial-home solutions to meet your needs better.

Similarly sized to standard HVAC units, our Generac residential backup generators sit outside your home in a secure enclosure that protects the unit during harsh Ontario weather. Quiet noise levels below 60dB make these standby power options a discreet way to keep home systems operational during inclement weather, and Platinum Electrical Contractors connects our qualified customers with financing to make these residential backup generator systems affordable to most households in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area.

Backup Generators for Your Whitchurch-Stouffville Business

Stormy weather in Ontario doesn’t shut the world down, so it shouldn’t shut down your business, either. Keeping area businesses up and running during inclement conditions is why Platinum Electrical Contractors is the #1 generator installer and maintenance team in Whitchurch-Stouffville. Our commercial backup generators by Generac work exceptionally well for retail businesses, which typically cost owners money due to lost sales and, in the case of restaurants and convenience and grocery stores, spoiled products. 

Generac standby generators do more than keep refrigerators up and running, though — they also keep lifesaving equipment operational in medical facilities, computer systems working in logistics hubs, and the ovens and cooktops heating in dining establishments. Our highly skilled professionals offer in-depth analyses of what your business needs to maintain operational integrity during harsh conditions and strive to provide excellent service, whether installing a commercial backup generator, providing scheduled maintenance or performing repairs.

Industrial Generators for Facilities in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Ensure the power needs of warehouses and factories with a Generac backup generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Powered by diesel to meet the demands of mission-critical equipment, our standby generators work via a transfer switch for smooth transitions from the standard grid to the unit for uninterrupted power, reducing the risks of damaged machinery. Liquid-cooled units offer reliable service during storms and other harsh conditions, and modular systems let you customize the standby generator to meet the power needs of your business specifically. 

Whether you need consistent uptime for your data center or telecom provider, reliable power for key equipment in medical facilities or uninterrupted communications at government agencies, Platinum Electrical Contractors has you covered with Generac standby generators that are best in class. These options also make a great choice for municipal utility systems to ensure water and gas make it where they need to go, even during emergency weather problems. Remote monitoring solutions let you know when your standby generator kicks on, whether on-site or not, so you can better prepare for long-term outages.

Your #1 Generator Installer & Maintenance Team in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Whether you need continuous power for your home or business, Platinum Electrical Contractors has Generac backup generator systems that precisely fit your power requirements. As the top Generac dealer in Ontario, we take our mission to power your space seriously and utilize only the best equipment and professionals for installation, maintenance and repairs. See what makes Platinum Electrical Contractors the #1 generator installer and maintenance team in Whitchurch-Stouffville today by requesting a no-obligation quote online or calling 1-844-443-6776.