Platinum Electrical Contractors offers a full range of backup generator maintenance and repair services in Toronto and across Ontario. As the province’s #1 Generac backup generator dealer, we install, inspect and service all Generac generator units and transfer switches. Service can include the following:

  • Regular scheduled service and inspection
  • One-time service calls
  • Generator repairs
  • Generac warranty claims

Backup generator operation and lifespan depends on regular maintenance. We ensure your generator remains ready to provide power during blackouts, tests itself regularly and has an extended life. We carry out basic service and maintenance, including the following:

  • Change oil and oil  filter
  • Change spark plugs as required
  • Verify coolant level (if applicable)
  • Change air filter
  • Upgrade onboard firmware
  • Check all generac bulletins on the unit
  • Test battery, replace if necessary. (battery invoiced separately if required)

General inspection of unit

  • Change fuel filter (if applicable)
  • Check and clear any control panel errors
  • Inspect and clean the battery
  • Lubricate operating parts as needed
  • Check transfer switch operation if requested

Our regular inspections allow you to identify operating problems and worn parts. We can tune up your generator so it starts reliably and runs smoothly, and we can replace parts as needed to avoid failures and damage to the unit.

If your generator is not running properly, has broken down or will not start, we offer a full repair service for the entire Generac generator and transfer switch system. We can diagnose the problem, quote on repair costs and carry out the necessary repairs. We recognize that you’ve installed your backup generator because an uninterrupted power supply is important for you, and we can make sure the repaired generator fulfills its backup functions reliably.

Whether you need regular scheduled maintenance or quick service for a problem, our trained and experienced technicians will make sure your backup generator works as expected. We pride ourselves on a high level of technical expertise with outstanding customer service.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you keep your backup generator in prime operating condition. When we’ve carried out our work, you can depend on your generator to start quickly and run as needed, and with our regular scheduled service, you’ll extend its service life.