A number of things can cause a power outage, such as accidents, high winds, freezing temperatures and overloaded power systems. The reality is that no region in the country, including the city of Newmarket and the surrounding Toronto Golden Horseshoe area, is immune to power outages.

The good news is that you don’t have to go hours without power anymore. Instead, you can invest in backup Generac generators in Newmarket that can switch on the minute your power goes off. The right backup generator can keep your lights on, your family comfortable and your business running.

Backup Generac Generators in Newmarket for Every Need

At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we offer a variety of backup generator styles to meet our customers’ needs. Residential backup generators provide anywhere from 7kW to 22kW of power depending on their size and purpose, while commercial generators offer much more. Here’s a look at the generators we offer.

Select Circuit Backup Generators

Select circuit backup generators are the most affordable option available and are ideal for homeowners who only want to power the most essential parts of their homes, such as lights and some appliances.

Managed Residential Backup Generator

Managed whole home installations use larger residential backup generators and provide more power than select circuit models. They don’t, however, provide power to the entire house. Instead, homeowners can prioritise which circuits they want to send power to. This type of generator allows you to determine which areas of the house you want to power during an outage.  

Whole Home Backup Generators

As the name suggests, whole home backup generators provide power to every circuit in your home. While these generators are more expensive than the select circuit and managed residential models, they ensure your family can continue powering their cell phones, taking hot showers and cooking meals despite a power outage.

Commercial Backup Generators

Businesses can quickly lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars for every hour they’re shut down due to a power outage. Commercial backup generators can prevent this loss by keeping your business running even when the power goes out. These liquid-cooled generators are ideal for small businesses, such as grocery stores, retail shops, convenience stores, restaurants and business offices.

Industrial Backup Generators

Industrial backup generators are the largest style available and are well-suited for larger businesses such as factories, warehouses, health care facilities and educational institutions. These liquid-cooled generators can support your business even during multi-day power outages.

Why Invest in Generac Backup Generators?

While there are many manufacturers of backup generators, our team at Platinum Electrical Contractors knows that Generac offers some of the best models on the market. In fact, there are a number of reasons that make Generac generators one of the best, including:

  • Trusted brand: Generac has been manufacturing backup generators since 1959. Over this time, it’s built a solid reputation as a brand residential, commercial and industrial customers can trust.
  • Mobile access: Generac’s Mobile Link technology allows you to track and monitor your backup generators via any mobile device, including laptops, cell phones and tablets.
  • All-season protection: The combination of fuel stabilisers and aluminum enclosures ensures these backup generators remain in good working condition even in the harshest Newmarket weather conditions.
  • Multiple fuel source options: Depending on the generator model you select, you’ll have multiple fuel source options, including natural gas, propane, diesel and even biofuel for industrial models.
  • Reliability: By conducting frequent self-tests on your generator, you can make sure your backup generator is ready to go no matter when the power goes out.
  • Transfer switch options: Many Generac models have both an automatic and a manual transfer switch. This feature gives you the flexibility to determine which trigger you want to use.

Call Our Experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors Today

If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality Generac backup generator, our experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors are ready to help. We are factory-authorised Generac dealers and installers in Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Our team can work directly with you to help you find the backup generator model that best meets your needs.

We also provide complete maintenance and repair services that include scheduled service plans, warranty claims and regular inspections. Our team helps ensure your backup generator provides the best protection possible.

Don’t risk being left without power when the lights go out. Instead, contact our experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors today to learn more about our Generac backup generators and request a free, no-obligation quote.