Power outages are statistically more frequent in Ontario than in any other Canadian province, and they’re on the rise thanks to escalating demand, aging infrastructure and increasingly common severe weather events. This makes it important to be prepared for the unexpected. If you own a home or run a business in Richmond Hill, Ontario, one of the best solutions for protecting your power supply is a backup generator from the industry-leading brand Generac, installed by the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Backup Generators

Power outages can be an expensive inconvenience for homeowners. Aside from leaving your family without climate control, a prolonged outage can lead to food spoiling, sump pumps malfunctioning and digital devices dying from lack of charge. Fortunately, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that your home in Richmond, ON, is protected from the effects of any extended power outages by using a Generac residential generator.

A residential generator can run on diesel, propane or natural gas, automatically compensating for power cuts by providing power to specific circuits in your home or to the entire house, depending on your needs and budget. Generac generators feature purpose-built engines for reliable performance and come with Wi-Fi and cell-based Mobile Link monitoring that allows you to check the system from just about anywhere.

Commercial Backup Generators

Power outages are even more costly for businesses. Retailers are particularly vulnerable, with outages leading to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue per hour. Customers aren’t able to pay for goods, critical security equipment can lose functionality and lead to a higher risk of theft and refrigeration fails, potentially threatening crucial supplies. A commercial generator can reduce the risk to business owners in Richmond, Ontario.

Commercial generator units from Generac come in a range of sizes up to 1000 kW. All-weather, corrosion-resistant enclosures keep the generator protected against adverse weather, with cold weather kits ensuring reliable performance year-round, and automatic transfer switches provide seamless compensation for any outage. Platinum Electrical Contractors provides extensive access to replacement parts and works to the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Industrial Backup Generators

For warehouses or manufacturers working to a demanding production schedule, you can’t afford time for power outages, which is why the demand for industrial backup units is steadily increasing. A customized, high-performance diesel generator system from Generac can provide automatic power compensation during a multi-day outage, and medium-voltage units that run on natural gas, propane and biofuels are also available. Modular power systems allow industrial clients to build versatile, scalable backup power solutions.

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