Do you worry about what a power outage could do to your home or business this year? Extreme weather events, increased power demand and aging utility infrastructure put Oakville residents and business owners at risk. This guide reviews why many people turn to backup power generators to protect their homes and investments. It also reviews the different types of generators available.

Home Backup Generators in Oakville

Whether you’re worried about protecting your home during the cold winter months or keeping the lights on through violent summer storms, a backup home generator can help. Traditional generators need to be powered up manually and only provide enough energy to run a small amount of electricity in your home.

When looking for a whole home generator, we consider multiple factors before suggesting the model that’s right for you.

  • How much electricity do you normally use to power your entire home, including your appliances, heat and air conditioning and electronic devices?
  • Do you have any specific power needs you’re concerned about during a power outage?
  • What is your preferred backup fuel source for a generator?

It’s possible to install a whole home backup generator that senses power loss automatically and activates without you needing to do a thing. You can monitor the status of your generator from anywhere you have mobile access so you know it’s running and your home security system, heat, air conditioning and garage door will all continue working even if you’re not at home when the outage hits.

Protecting Oakville Commerce With Commercial Backup Generators

Most small businesses and office owners don’t realize how much is at stake until they experience their first power loss during normal business hours. It’s possible to lose thousands of dollars during a power outage in real damages and lost opportunities. The first concern is your inability to serve customers when your lights and computer systems go down during the outage.

You’re not just losing money due to lost sales, however. Your employees are unable to do anything while they’re being paid to be there. Aside from being unproductive, they could even be in harm’s way if criminals detect an outage and use it as an excuse to attempt a burglary.

A commercial backup generator ensures your business continues to run seamlessly when the power goes out. It protects your employees, keeps your customers happy, allows your security systems to continue running and protects any temperature-controlled products in your store.

Generac commercial backup generators are the leading choice for medical offices, government agencies, restaurants, utility providers and manufacturing centres throughout Oakville. Clients choose Generac over the competition because of their dependability and ease of use. We’re a premier Generac dealer and can help you find the right product for your commercial business.

Trusted Oakville Industrial Backup Generator Dealer

When Generac is trusted by law enforcement agencies, utility systems, health care companies and data centres throughout the country, you know Generac generators are worth the investment. Power loss on the job can bring your contracting project to a halt and force you to send your crew home until the issue is resolved, which is why Generac has a line of industrial backup power generators that are portable, durable and able to meet your extensive energy demands.

Generac’s modular power systems allow you to create a backup generator system that meets your unique needs or can be adapted to meet unique challenges during emergencies. You can build a backup power system that produces up to 2 MW of electricity while monitoring and managing it from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The network-ready controllers are compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and web-based protocols, so your crew can continue to get things done when the power goes out. Generac also includes ISO-certified industrial transfer switches capable of taking insane amounts of abuse.

If your generators need maintenance, you’re able to tell through self-diagnostics and arrange for maintenance or repairs. This ensures your generator is always ready for the next power outage and you’re not left out in the cold.

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