Protect Your Power in Toronto, ON

The metropolis of Toronto is known for being a diverse, populous, and cosmopolitan hub of world trade, finance, and culture, but it’s also known for severe winter storms that blow in from the Great Lakes and can coat the streets in ice and snow, leading to power outages. Ontario suffers from more frequent power outages than any other Canadian province, making it important to protect your power if you own a home or business in Toronto. There’s no better option for doing so than a Generac standby generator.

Residential Backup Generators

A prolonged power outage can be an expensive proposition for homeowners. It knocks out your home’s heating and cooling systems and your major appliances, potentially leading to spoiled food, drained and useless digital devices and other headaches. If your family is forced to spend time at a hotel while the problem is being fixed, costs can mount even faster.

Generac backup home units are unobtrusive, are weather-shielded, and kick in automatically. You can power certain key circuits in your home, back up multiple high-draw systems or appliances based on your preferred priorities or power your entire home for as long as an outage lasts.

Commercial and Industrial Generators

Businesses of any size — from a corner store or restaurant to a major manufacturing facility or warehouse — can ill afford any time lost to power cuts. Lost revenue, spoiled supplies, vulnerability of key business data and the interruption of important production and shipping schedules can all be results of lost power, which makes backup generators crucial.

Generac generators and power solutions for commercial and industrial use are available in single to multiphase installations, providing customized and automated emergency power up to 2 MW with integrated accessories like load management, switches and remote cellular monitoring.

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