There are a number of possible causes of power outages in a city like Vaughan, Ontario. Cold snaps and heatwaves can overload the electrical system with sudden spikes in demand, while freezing rain, high wind or sleet can damage power lines. If your power goes out, the first recommended step is to contact your local utility company, but in the event of a prolonged outage, you’ll need other options than simply waiting for the lights to come back on. Being well-prepared means having access to the kind of backup power you can get from a Generac generator installed by the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Standby Generators

If you own a home in Vaughan, Ontario, an unexpected power outage can be a serious inconvenience for you and your family — leaving you without light and heat, shutting down major appliances and sump pumps, potentially causing food to spoil and making it impossible to recharge the phones and other devices that keep you in touch with the outside world and crucial emergency updates. The long-term damage an outage can cause makes it more than worthwhile to have a residential standby generator on hand.

Generac has been a leading name in backup power generation for over 70 years, and Platinum Electrical Contractors is the top-ranking dealer in Ontario. A Generac generator provides peace of mind by offering an automatic transfer switch that compensates immediately for power loss, keeping utility-grade electricity flowing to certain key circuits or throughout the house. Unobtrusive and quiet, these units come with a range of output and fuel options (including natural gas, propane and diesel) that make it easy to find a selection suited to your needs and budget. Mobile Link remote monitoring, both Wi-Fi and cell-based, makes it possible to keep tabs on your unit from just about anywhere.

Commercial Backup Generators in Vaughan, ON

Time is money, and business owners simply can’t afford to lose time to power outages. Having the lights go out can cost a retail outlet thousands of dollars an hour in lost revenue, without even accounting for the increased risk of theft in the absence of working security systems. Restaurants and convenience stores rely on refrigeration for key supplies and products, as do health clinics, which also need power for important medical equipment. Given that business insurance doesn’t always cover power outages, a standby generator for commercial applications is a must-have.

Generac generators come with options for single- or triple-phase installation and are protected by all-weather enclosures and cold weather kits that ensure their functioning in the most adverse conditions. User-friendly LCD controls make it easy for your staff to monitor the system and keep track of maintenance requirements, and load management tools and switches are among their available accessories. Generac generators are code-certified for fire safety and regulatory compliance, are able to run weekly self-tests to reinforce reliability and come with remote cellular monitoring.

Generac Industrial Generators

When it comes to industrial-scaled facilities like factories, warehouses, treatment plants or major hospitals, the need for backup power is a given. Power interruptions would also mean the interruption of critical services or delivery schedules, with impacts on large numbers of people. Platinum Electrical Contractors is the kind of expert and experienced team that can help design generator sets for a new facility or refit an existing one. 

The leading Generac technicians in Ontario understand that an industrial genset needs to be modular, be easily scalable and meet the highest possible standards of durability and reliability. With ISO-certified transfer switches, fully customizable designs, intelligent controls and top-notch preventive maintenance and ongoing service, we ensure your industrial power solution is always there when you need it and easily able to cope with the unexpected in Vaughan, ON.

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