The risk of power outages increases whenever a rise in demand comes together with aging power grids and the growing frequency of severe weather events. That’s true in provinces throughout Canada, but particularly so in Ontario, where outages have increased by more than 20% in recent years. If you’re a homeowner or run a business in a community like Bracebridge, Ontario, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected and to have a plan that goes beyond waiting for a fix from the utility company. A Generac backup generator installed by the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors can be a key part of such a plan.

Home Backup Generators in Bracebridge, ON

Generac has been a leading name in backup power generators for more than six decades, and a professionally installed residential unit can keep your heating and cooling systems running and the lights on in even the most extreme conditions. Keeping your major appliances running during an outage can prevent food from spoiling, while having access to utility-quality electricity can maintain the charge to your devices and keep you in touch with crucial emergency services and updates. This kind of power supply protection has made Generac standby generators a popular solution for homeowners in Ontario.

With a unit installed by the PowerProElite+ certified dealers at Platinum Electrical Contractors, homeowners can take advantage of a wide range of features:

  • A range of outputs starting at 7.5 kW suitable for powering crucial circuits or your entire home
  • A selection of fuel options including natural gas, propane and diesel, making it easy to connect with available utilities
  • Aluminum enclosures that protect the generator from harsh weather and make it visually unobtrusive
  • Automated self-tests on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure the unit is ready to go at a moment’s notice
  • Remote monitoring that allows you to check your system from anywhere

A Generac generator’s purpose-built engine functions reliably in the most demanding conditions. Automatic transfer switches allow it to compensate immediately for power loss, and the team at Platinum Electrical Contractors provides robust maintenance plans that cover scheduled inspection, preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.  

Commercial Standby Generators

Making money and providing service to your customers comes to a standstill if the power goes out, and the longer the outage, the more costly it becomes. It can be particularly acute for retailers, with convenience stores and supermarkets losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars every hour, and high-volume restaurants are almost equally vulnerable. Factoring in spoilage of supplies and increased risk of theft from security equipment disruption, a commercial backup generator can essentially pay for itself within the space of 10 outages in a community like Bracebridge, ON.

A commercial generator from Generac offers many different options and accessories:

  • All-weather enclosures and cold weather kits for dependable starting in any environment
  • A variety of load management tools and switches
  • User-friendly LCD controls to make it easy to monitor the system’s performance and maintenance needs
  • Automatic transfer switches to provide seamless transitions to backup power
  • Weekly self-tests and remote cell-based monitoring

Generac commercial generators come designed for single-phase or triple-phase installation, and the friendly team at Platinum Electrical Contractors is always ready to help identify the best solution for your needs. Our products are UL certified for regulatory compliance and fire safety, and our ready selection of replacement parts combines with the highest standards of service and support to ensure your backup will always be ready.