Severe storms, high winds and the strain of increasing demand for electricity on an aging power infrastructure can all be frequent contributors to power outages in Ontario. In fact, Ontarians experience more power outages than any other province in Canada, making it important to be prepared for the unexpected. If you own a home or do business in Barrie, Ontario, the good news is that there’s a simple and reliable solution for protecting your power: an automatic backup generator from Generac.

Backup Generators for Your Home

Residential power outages can lead to spoiled food, loss of charge to phones and tablets and the loss of function for crucial appliances. Being without power in the height of summer or the dead of winter can be genuinely unsafe due to extremes of heat or cold, and families can end up spending hundreds of dollars for temporary motel stays.

Fortunately, with a Generac backup generator installed by the licensed professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors, you can enjoy peace of mind. Standby generators are unobtrusive and self-contained and come on automatically in the event of an outage. They can produce anywhere from 7,000 to 22,000 watts of power, handling critical circuits or even your entire home, depending on the type of installation you choose.

Commercial & Industrial Generators

Businesses can’t afford to grind to a halt during a power outage. Restaurants and convenience stores need to be concerned with the healthy storage of food products, any kind of business has to worry about loss of revenue the longer an outage lasts and manufacturers have production schedules to keep. No matter the scale of your enterprise, reliable power matters.

That’s why Platinum Electrical Contractors installs Generac standby generators for both commercial and industrial use. Our full-service team of experts provides high-powered and high-capacity natural gas, diesel and propane generators, as well as medium-voltage units with extended runtimes.

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