Losing your power during strong summer storms and severe winter weather is an unfortunate yet expected event in the province. Power outages, however, don’t have to cause stress when you use Premier-level dealer Platinum Electrical Contractors for residential and commercial Generac generator installation in Markham, ON. Whether you need power for essential appliances or whole-home solutions to outages, our professionals provide Generac generator options that keep the necessities up and running for homes and businesses.

Residential Generac Generator Installation in Markham, ON

Aging infrastructure and changing weather patterns contribute to potentially damaging storms every season. Area outages rose more than 20% in recent years, leaving more and more Markham, ON, homeowners without power. You can avoid this inconvenience by having Platinum Electrical Contractors install a residential generator from Generac. These discreet units sit outside your home just like your HVAC system, and durable aluminum enclosures help your residential generator hold up well, even in harsh Canadian winters.

Our Generac residential generators have versatile capacities, with most units ranging between 7,000 and 22,000 watts. Working with a local dealer ensures you have access to professionals who understand the needs of Ontario residents and can help you choose the right installation, including select circuit, managed whole home and whole home options. Whether you want Generac residential generators that operate via propane, natural gas or diesel, we have units ideal for your home’s power requirements.

Enjoy effortless use of Generac residential generators thanks to designs that include transfer switches that seamlessly switch on the minute power outages occur. Monitoring systems that work via Wi-Fi and cellular service let you check the status of your unit anywhere you have internet access, and weekly self-tests provide added confidence in your generator installation. Low noise levels, including units operating at just 60dB, help you stay calm during emergencies.

Markham, ON, Commercial Generac Generator Installation

Power outages can cost your business, whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, medical clinic or office space. Estimates point to convenience and grocery stores losing between $500 and $5,000 in inventory alone due to power outages when they don’t have a commercial backup generator. Even worse, most business interruption insurance only covers outages that last more than 8 hours, not to mention the increased chance of theft when security systems go down.

For all these reasons and more, turn to Platinum Electrical Contractors for an estimate for a commercial generator installation in Markham, ON. Featuring competitive pricing and hassle-free financing for qualified businesses, our generator installations let your business continue accepting payments, keep mission-critical equipment functioning and ensure the lights stay on throughout severe weather events. 

This makes our Generac generators an ideal choice for not only conventional businesses but also senior living facilities, residential health care facilities and refrigerated warehouses.

Like our residential generators, our commercial Generac generators feature durable construction for protection against the elements and a discreet outdoor profile. LCD controls are easy to use with just a little training, while compatible accessories like load management tools prevent overloads in manufacturing plants and warehouses. To learn more about what Platinum Electrical Contractors can do to protect your business from power outages, contact us for a quote in Markham, ON, by filling out this form or calling 1-844-443-6776.

Industrial & Backup Generator Options in Markham, ON

Our standard generators usually get the job done, but for high-demand applications, we have you covered with industrial-grade solutions. Paired with purpose-built liquid-cooled engines for dependability in the most severe weather, our Generac industrial generators make a great choice when downtime simply isn’t an option.

Our industrial diesel generators ensure continuous uptime for data centres, health care facilities and municipal utility systems, and they’re also the gold standard for power backup in telecom installations, educational institutions and essential government agencies.

Larger-scale manufacturing plants and warehouses can also benefit from an industrial generator installation completed by Platinum Electrical Contractors, a Premier-level Generac dealer. We create modular power systems that scale with your business, increasing confidence and reliability when strong storms hit. Full-color touch screens and controllers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and serial bus compatibility make our systems simple to use and control. They also feature transfer switches that kick on automatically when power outages occur.

Generac Generator Maintenance & Repair in Markham, ON

Platinum Electrical Contractors not only installs your residential or commercial Generac generator, but we also provide maintenance and repairs for your unit and systems. Whether you need routine generator maintenance, help with a unit at a new home you’ve purchased or troubleshooting and repairs before winter arrives, our generator professionals can quickly handle your needs. We can answer any questions you have and assess your current setup to see if there’s room for improvement or if you need additional repairs. We also handle Generac generator warranty claims, reducing stress and helping you get the most out of your system.

Ready to learn more about residential and commercial Generac generator installation in Markham, ON? Call Platinum Electrical Contractors at 1-844-443-6776, or contact us via our online form to get a quote today.