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Types of Standby Home Generators: A Comprehensive Guide

Generac standby home generators installed by Platinum

Choosing the right standby home generator is crucial for homeowners, especially those in areas prone to power outages. Standby generators are essential for ensuring that your home remains powered during an outage, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of standby home generators based on […]

Are Backup Home Generators Worth It?

a house with snow on the roof and Generac standby backup home generator installed with a transfer switch in Shanty Bay Ontario

In a world where power outages can disrupt daily life, the importance of a reliable power source cannot be overstated. For homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond, investing in a backup home generator is a decision that warrants careful consideration. Are backup home generators worth it? Let’s delve into the benefits, costs, […]

What Is a Standby Generator and Why Do Homes in GTA Need Them?

Standby home generators in Toronto keep homes running

Your home’s electrical system is vital to ensuring your comfort and safety. Whether it’s summer or winter, there are many threats to the power supply in Ontario. But you can protect your entire home during a natural disaster or power outage in the Greater Toronto Area.  Continue reading to learn why homeowners are investing in […]

Is Your Home Generator Ready for Ontario’s Winter

Is Your Generator Ready for Ontario's Winter?

Prepare your home generator for the winter. Ontario’s winter season can be deadly if you’re not prepared. Toronto winter storms, rapidly dropping temperatures and gusting winds can wreak havoc on road conditions, make it unsafe to be outdoors and lead to the occasional power outage. In addition to having an emergency kit in your vehicle […]

Generator Safety Tips: Ensuring Safe Use During Power Outages in Ontario

Generator Safety Tips

  The Necessity of Generators during Power Outages For Canadians in Ontario, weather-related power outages are a frequent reality. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, having a reliable generator can be a lifeline, ensuring warmth, light, and uninterrupted operation of essential appliances. However, while generators provide significant advantages during a power outage, following specific […]

Weathering the Storm: The Rising Need for Backup Generac Generators in Toronto

Weathering the Storm: The Rising Need for Backup Generac Generators in Toronto

  Why Toronto’s Extreme Weather Is Boosting Demand for Residential, Business, and Industrial Generators Toronto’s climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable, with severe storms, heavy snowfall, and ice storms becoming more frequent and intense. These extreme weather events can cause widespread damage and disrupt essential services, including the power grid. This blog post will discuss how […]

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home Generator?

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home Generator? NOW

Power outages have become increasingly common and unpredictable. Weather affects our daily lives, so having a whole-house generator becomes essential for any homeowner. Not only does it provide backup electricity when the power goes out, but it can also significantly increase your house’s value. But knowing when to buy one can be challenging. Various models […]

7 Tips to Prepare Your Home Standby Generator Before Winter

generac generator in the snow

Is your home standby generator ready? If not, it’s time to prepare. Read to learn why preparing your generator is a must before winter and find seven tips. Why Preparing Your Generator Is a Must Before Winter A frigid winter holds the possibility of blizzards, ice storms and high wind gusts. These are dangerous, weather-related […]

When is it Time to Replace Your Backup Generator?

Keeping your home and business running smoothly is hard without an adequate source of power. A backup generator can help make sure you’re still in operation when the power goes down. As your business grows, your need to have a working generator at all times — after all, time is money. Making sure you take […]

7 Reasons why Ontario Homeowners Love Generac Generators

Homeowners Love Generac Generators

  If you’re an Ontario homeowner, there is one thing that will make life easier in your household—a backup generator. The last thing you need is a power outage, especially if your home relies on appliances like air conditioning and heat. A backup generator will provide peace-of-mind knowing that it can kick into gear quickly […]

Installing an Automatic Home Standby Generator?

Standby Home Generator

There are a few things to think about when you’re installing a standby generator to protect your home’s electricity in the event of a power outage. We cover some key tips below and explain why Platinum Electrical Contractors are a trusted supplier of home standby generators. Different Types of Home Standby Generators A prolonged power […]

5 Things To Look for When Choosing a Backup Generator

Portable Generators vs Standby Generators

When you need access to electrical power that the normal power grid isn’t able to provide — either because of power failure or a lack of infrastructure — investing in either a portable generator or a standby generator is an attractive option.  However, all generators and generator brands are not created equal. There are several […]

Preparing Home Electricity For Toronto Winters

Preparing Your Home’s Electricity for the Brutal Winters in Toronto It’s a fact of life in one of Canada’s greatest cities that the greater Toronto area is notorious for extreme winter weather. Although the temperatures in Toronto in winter are actually milder on average than in many other Canadian cities, the wind off the Great […]

How Long Can Backup Generators Run Continuously?

Street Sign Facts versus Myths

Backup generators are designed to keep your power running during long outages, which in itself raises a couple of obvious questions: how long a backup generator can really go on functioning continually before it needs to shut down and the specifics of how a generator’s ongoing protection for your power really works. Here, we’ll go […]

Diesel vs Dual Fuel Backup Generators (Natural Gas/LP) | Which is Better?

Undecided woman in green dress

The whole point of being at home is having a space where you feel untouchable — a sanctuary away from the rest of the world where you make the rules and set the boundaries. Relaxing, working, bathing, entertaining and enjoying the company of loved ones in comfort require one thing: electricity. Without power, it’s cold, […]

Differences Between a Residential and Commercial Generator

  Currently, Ontario experiences more power outages than any other location in Canada. The number and frequency of critical power outages in Ontario increases every year. Factors such as an aging power grid, increased demands in very warm or very hot weather and severe storms caused by climate change increasingly come into play. Whether you […]

How to Pick The Right kW Size Generator For Your Home

  When experiencing a bout of bad weather, most of us have the same thought: “I hope there isn’t a power outage.” Not only are power outages inconvenient, but they can be expensive. According to the Galvin Electricity Initiative, blackouts cost approximately $150 billion a year due to spoiled food, damaged equipment and decreased productivity. That’s […]

Why Generator Maintenance is Important to The Health of Your Backup Generator

Backup Generator Service & Repair

As standby generator technicians, we get asked all the time why it’s important to conduct maintenance in regular intervals on backup generators. There are numerous reasons we’ll cover in the article but let’s start with engine oil. Engine Oil Most people don’t know that engine oil degrades with time even if the engine doesn’t run […]

Assessing Your Own Property For a Standby Generator

So frequently a homeowner doesn’t persist with getting a quote on a home standby generator because they feel their home is not a good fit. They have been told there is no place for the generator, or their gas and electrical meters are on opposite sides of the home making an installation impossible. Some have […]

Do Backup Generators Help With Solar Power?

Power outages are incredibly frustrating, whether you’re a homeowner or a business operator. If you’ve got an automatic backup generator from Generac and you’re wondering if you can use it with a solar energy system — or the other way around — you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about […]

How Long Do Backup Generators Last? | Backup Generators Lifespan

Backup Generator Service & Repair

Because power generators are designed for infrequent and intermittent service, backup generators will often last over 30 years. The exact lifespan depends on how often the generator runs, the quality of the generator and whether it receives regular servicing. As the leader in automatic standby generators, Generac builds generators of the highest quality with a […]

Why Generac Is The #1 Choice for Backup Generators in Ontario

Ontario’s weather can be unpredictable, with harsh winters, frequent storms, and occasional power outages that can leave homes in the dark. The need for a reliable backup power solution has never been more critical. Generac generators stand out as the top choice for homeowners in Ontario, thanks to their robust performance and dependability. Designed to […]

How You Can Spot Trouble on the Horizon with Your Current Standby Generator

Air-Cooled Generac Home Generator Installation

When your backup standby generator doesn’t work properly, you need to have it looked at right away. Normally, it’s supposed to test itself weekly, start up and run smoothly and generate the rated voltage at the correct Hertz. If it doesn’t do these things, it’s worse than not having a generator at all because you’re […]

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