So frequently a homeowner doesn’t persist with getting a quote on a home standby generator because they feel their home is not a good fit. They have been told there is no place for the generator, or their gas and electrical meters are on opposite sides of the home making an installation impossible. Some have even told us they want one but it can’t be done because they have a finished basement.    

There is no truth to the above. There is always a way. Yes, sometimes the necessary methods add cost but there is always a way. 

Home standby generators require certain spacing from combustible materials, and clearances to satisfy the manufacturers guidelines and the Ontario Electrical Code enforced by the Electrical Safety Authority. We have built structures to hold the generator suspended if there is no available footprint on the ground.  We have them above pool equipment, AC condensers, on balconies and flat roofs. We have pedestals pre-made and custom made in our shop. This sounds expensive but it’s not. They range from 3% to 10% additional cost on the project.  

Home standby generators require cabling to be run from the generator to the transfer switch.   And gas piping from the generator to the fuel meter or regulator. Finished basement ceilings can often be fished through by our electricians. Sometimes an access door can be neatly installed and painted to match if a hole was required for an install. And rarely it’s necessary to make some drywall repairs which is also a minimal cost. Excavating the electrical and gas services is also an option. The added length will require the materials be upsized but this is often a small increase in material cost.  

We allocate the day for our crew so the extra effort in fishing the cables through finished space rarely ends up changing the labour component of our quote. Only the additional material costs are reflected in the proposal.

Before you assume your house is not a good candidate for a home standby generator, contact us for an in home or virtual consultation and same day proposal or call 844-443-6776 to book an appointment over the phone.