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Power outages are incredibly frustrating, whether you’re a homeowner or a business operator. If you’ve got an automatic backup generator from Generac and you’re wondering if you can use it with a solar energy system — or the other way around — you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about combining solar power systems and generators, how they can work together in a hybrid energy system for your home

Why Switch to Solar Energy?

The electrical grid is far from perfect, but that’s not the only reason you should consider going off-grid. Technology has advanced drastically over the last 10 years, and more families than ever are opting for this future-friendly energy source. Although the

 up-front cost of installing solar panels can be high, this is offset by a variety of factors.

Renewable Energy 

Solar energy is 100% renewable, and you can harness its power in a variety of climates. The world is not going to run out of the sun’s light anytime soon, and solar panels don’t emit any greenhouse gases, so it’s a truly environmentally friendly way to power your home.  

Reduce the Electric Bill

While the amount saved depends on your energy costs, usage and the size of the solar system you invest in, everyone can save money by using solar power. Whether your solar requirements are for commercial or residential purposes, you could benefit from electricity

 generated by the sun alone.    


Solar systems can power sites that don’t have access to the energy grid. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing you’re doing your bit for the good of the environment is just as satisfying as the money you’ll save on electricity bills.

Low Maintenance

The only real maintenance that’s necessary with solar panels is an annual or bi-annual cleaning. Most manufacturers offer a warranty of 20+ years, so the chances of spending money on repairs within that time are slim. Plus, there are no external moving parts,

which means the system is low maintenance.

How Do Solar Panels Operate? 

Solar panels use a solar charge controller to collect photovoltaic energy and store it in DC batteries that keep the system charged. A disconnect switch lets you cut the power for repairs, maintenance or other requirements. Inverters change the DC current into AC

 power that’s appropriate for electrical appliances within the home. 

Why Combine Your Backup Generator With Solar Power?

Solar power is wonderfully efficient, but it’s not 100% infallible. Using backup generators from Generac in tandem with solar energy means you’ve got an energy source no matter the weather or state of your solar power system. If there’s an ongoing bout of bad weather, with days of limited sun your standby generator can take automatically over the duty of topping off the battery bank

Benefits of an Automatic Generac Home Backup Power System

There are a number of benefits to having a backup generator connected to your home. If you’re considering this option to complement an existing solar system , here are the main reasons it can benefit your home or business:

  • Prevents waste / good environmental solution 
  • Smoothly transitions between power storage and power manufacturing systems
  • Your security system doesn’t shut off
  • Important items remain in operation
  • You’re not tied into grid power
  • Employees remain productive

Generac’s PWRcell Energy Storage System

Generac’s PWRcell energy storage system offers additional protection for you and your family while delivering unbeatable savings on your current energy bill. If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint, this battery storage system uses the sun’s rays to provide backup power during grid outages. Not only can it work to protect your home during outages but peak power shaving is a daily solution. Your energy company charges you more at peak times.   You can set your GENERAC PWRcell inverter to power your home from your battery bank during peak rate times daily saving you money.

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