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Types of Standby Home Generators: A Comprehensive Guide

Generac standby home generators installed by Platinum

Choosing the right standby home generator is crucial for homeowners, especially those in areas prone to power outages. Standby generators are essential for ensuring that your home remains powered during an outage, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of standby home generators based on […]

Weathering the Storm: The Rising Need for Backup Generac Generators in Toronto

Weathering the Storm: The Rising Need for Backup Generac Generators in Toronto

  Why Toronto’s Extreme Weather Is Boosting Demand for Residential, Business, and Industrial Generators Toronto’s climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable, with severe storms, heavy snowfall, and ice storms becoming more frequent and intense. These extreme weather events can cause widespread damage and disrupt essential services, including the power grid. This blog post will discuss how […]

7 Reasons why Ontario Homeowners Love Generac Generators

Homeowners Love Generac Generators

  If you’re an Ontario homeowner, there is one thing that will make life easier in your household—a backup generator. The last thing you need is a power outage, especially if your home relies on appliances like air conditioning and heat. A backup generator will provide peace-of-mind knowing that it can kick into gear quickly […]

Preparing Home Electricity For Toronto Winters

Preparing Your Home’s Electricity for the Brutal Winters in Toronto It’s a fact of life in one of Canada’s greatest cities that the greater Toronto area is notorious for extreme winter weather. Although the temperatures in Toronto in winter are actually milder on average than in many other Canadian cities, the wind off the Great […]

Diesel vs Dual Fuel Backup Generators (Natural Gas/LP) | Which is Better?

Undecided woman in green dress

The whole point of being at home is having a space where you feel untouchable — a sanctuary away from the rest of the world where you make the rules and set the boundaries. Relaxing, working, bathing, entertaining and enjoying the company of loved ones in comfort require one thing: electricity. Without power, it’s cold, […]

Do Backup Generators Help With Solar Power?

Power outages are incredibly frustrating, whether you’re a homeowner or a business operator. If you’ve got an automatic backup generator from Generac and you’re wondering if you can use it with a solar energy system — or the other way around — you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about […]

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