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Preparing Your Home’s Electricity for the Brutal Winters in Toronto

It’s a fact of life in one of Canada’s greatest cities that the greater Toronto area is notorious for extreme winter weather. Although the temperatures in Toronto in winter are actually milder on average than in many other Canadian cities, the wind off the Great Lakes can impose an infamously biting wind-chill factor, and winter storms with heavy snowfall are commonplace. Since these factors can spell trouble for keeping a consistent power supply to your home during the coldest months of the year — it’s not unheard of for sweeping blackouts to affect tens of thousands of homes at a time — it’s a good idea to prepare a backup solution that isn’t completely reliant on the power company in the event of an outage.

A Solution for Residential Power Outages: Generac Backup Generators

One of the best and simplest ways to protect your home electricity, during a Toronto winter is the use of a backup generator by Generac. Residential standby generators from this industry-leading provider will typically activate automatically in the event of an outage, making sure your family isn’t left in the dark during one of the winter blizzards that sweep down Toronto’s streets. You can rely on a Generac generator to keep your major appliances running, ensuring your food doesn’t spoil and you’re spared from other expensive inconveniences (such as shelling out money for a hotel room while your home’s power is out).

Installed by the expert professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors, Generac can offer different levels of power output based on your requirements:

  • Essential Circuit coverage means a small standby unit that powers essential needs instead of the entire home.
  • Managed Whole House allows every circuit in the home access to the generator power. However, the homeowner must be mindful of their use when it comes to items such as an Electric Stove and Clothes Dryer, as examples.
  • Complete Whole House coverage powers every circuit in your home and lets you continue to live life uninterrupted by power outages.

When you’re picking a standby generator, Generac’s diverse product line offers multiple fuel options including gas, diesel and propane. These generators come equipped with True Power technology that guarantees their electricity supply to be of utility-level quality and consistency, eliminating any signal interference that could cause problems for computers or other appliances. The units are unobtrusively designed, with carefully controlled noise levels comparable to a normal HVAC system and aluminum enclosures that allow the generator to blend in with its surroundings while being protected from the harshest weather conditions a Toronto winter can offer.

Generac standby generators are known for their reliability, with engines purpose-built for protecting residential power through long outages and automatic self-testing that triggers weekly or monthly, making sure your unit is in trim when the next major weather event comes along. Mobile Link remote monitoring tools for cellular and Wi-Fi make it possible to check in on your backup generator from almost anywhere in the world, providing complete peace of mind if your family chooses to get away from Toronto’s chilly streets for a vacation in sunnier climes.

Platinum Electrical Contractors: Partners in Protecting Your Power in Toronto

Our friendly and experienced team at Platinum Electrical Contractors is factory-certified as dealers and installers of Generac backup systems under the PowerProElite+ standards of service and sales. With dedicated generator experts on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’re a reliable partner for any time during the depths of one of those infamous Toronto winters when a power emergency can strike. With a complete selection of parts on hand and access to full product lines of North America’s best-selling home generators, there’s simply nobody in the Greater Toronto Area better placed to help prepare your home for the demands and hazards of the winter season.

Of course, the quality of the technology for a backup generator needs to be matched by the quality of service and maintenance, especially if you’re counting on it to cope with winter weather as consistently notorious as Toronto’s. Here, too, our team is committed to providing the highest standards of service with regularly scheduled service and inspections that comprehensively review your unit, prevent malfunctions and keep your generator in prime working condition. If repairs ever do become necessary, we’re here to support you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. 

If you’d like to discover the difference an expertly installed backup generator can make for your peace of mind as winter approaches the city and suburbs of Toronto, contact Platinum Electrical Contractors online or call us at 844-443-6776. We’re always standing by to provide free, no-obligation in-home or virtual consultations. If you’re concerned about whether you can afford a Generac standby generator to protect your home’s power, our dedicated team of experts is always happy to connect you with financing options through well-reputed national lenders. We pride ourselves on providing systems priced to fit all kinds of needs and budgets. 


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