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Portable Generators vs Standby Generators

When you need access to electrical power that the normal power grid isn’t able to provide — either because of power failure or a lack of infrastructure — investing in either a portable generator or a standby generator is an attractive option.  However, all generators and generator brands are not created equal. There are several things to take into account before you commit to purchasing a generator.

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Choose: Portable Generators vs Standby Backup Generators

Portable generators provide flexibility of use, as they can be transported anywhere they’re needed. This comes with trade-offs, though: There are limits to their fuel tank capacity and to the wattage they can produce, and they need to be refilled manually. 

They’re ultimately a convenient short-term solution for providing power needs at remote sites where a generator might not normally be accessible, and they’re often used for recreational purposes like camping.

Standby generators, by contrast, are installed and integrated with a property’s electrical system. They’re a permanent solution that kicks in automatically when a power outage happens, providing compensating power either for certain essential circuits or for an entire home or business. They keep the essentials operating so that, for example, food in your refrigerator doesn’t spoil. 

If you want to be prepared for the possibilities of a power failure and make sure life at your home or business keeps running smoothly even in an emergency, a standby generator is an ideal way to protect your power supply.

Seek the Best Brands & Professional Installers

Once you’ve identified the general kind of generator you want, the next step is seeking out the most reliable professionals to help you determine the specifics. You need a company that’s dedicated to quality customer service and that deals only in equipment of the highest quality.

For decades, the leading manufacturer and supplier of standby generators in North America has been Generac, offering a vast array of residential and commercial products that can be relied upon to run smoothly in the long term. 

If you’re in Ontario, the leading expert in installing and servicing Generac generators is Platinum Electrical Contractors. Connecting with the best in the business will take the worry out of every step of the process of buying the right generator for you.

Identify Your Power Output Needs

When you’re buying a standby generator, it’s important to understand up front what you need it to do. There’s a wide range of possibilities — home standby generators, for example, can be installed for the purpose of covering key circuits in your home and maintaining certain major appliances in the event of an outage. A unit designed for whole-home coverage, on the other hand, kicks in automatically to power all the circuits in the family residence like normal electrical power.

Commercial and industrial generators can supply a large range of power needs, and the professional technicians at Platinum Electrical Contractors can custom-design generator systems for all sorts of facilities. 

We’re always happy to consult with you about the power output you need to achieve and the best generator to do it.

Consider the Generator’s Fuel Type

Generators can be powered by a number of different types of fuel. A standby generator can be tied into an existing natural gas line, or it can be powered by propane, kerosene or diesel. The specifics of the fuel supply will often be tied to the level of power output and hours of operation that will be expected from a generator.

The core models of the Generac industrial range of standby generators, for instance, run on diesel, which is the preferred fuel for high-performance generators because of its smooth-burning nature and reliability. However, diesel fuel requires considerable storage, and a diesel unit might not be ideal for all uses. 

Natural gas or propane, where available, may fit some needs better. It’s a good idea to consult in advance about fuel needs with the professionals tasked with the installation of a standby generator.

Consider Cost, Warranty & Maintenance

Dealing with a well-established and respected company like Platinum Electrical Contractors means knowing we’re there to protect your power for the long term. We provide Generac generators at prices to fit any budget, we offer on-call service and scheduled maintenance plans, and all our products are protected by warranty. 

We value our customers and believe in delivering the best work possible, from the first install through all the years of your generator’s life. It’s simply what you should expect from professional generator experts.

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