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Standby Home Generator

There are a few things to think about when you’re installing a standby generator to protect your home’s electricity in the event of a power outage. We cover some key tips below and explain why Platinum Electrical Contractors are a trusted supplier of home standby generators.

Different Types of Home Standby Generators

A prolonged power outage can be an expensive inconvenience for your home. It can knock out major appliances for long periods of time, spoil food and foul the workings of sump pumps and leave your family without the comforts of environmental controls or the increasing necessity of working internet and digital devices. It can even lead to burst or frozen pipes.

A home standby generator is a better solution than just waiting on the utility company, but there are lots of different approaches to home backup generator power output to consider when you’re choosing. You’ll need to think about both the scope of home backup power that your generator will cover and the fuel type it uses.

Portable Generator vs Standby Generator

Portable generators are small mobile units that you can store in your shed or other storage area and bring out in the event of power outages or for recreational usage. The major reason many consumers choose portable generators, as opposed to stationary standby generators installed in a fixed location, is that at least in the short term they appear cheaper.

However, they also come with several drawbacks. Portable generators don’t come with an automatic transfer switch to safely access their power when an outage happens. You have to bring the generator out of storage and hook it up manually. You also need to store plenty of gasoline and fuel stabilizer to keep it in working order.  Finding a portable in the garage after many months or years without use, hoping it will start, and having enough fuel and extension cords to accomplish something useful is not a peace of mind.   However, portables with manual transfer switches may be all the budget allows.

Platinum Electrical Contractors, Inc. is Ontario’s leading installer of Generac standby generators for your home and/or business.  Reach out today, so our team can outline the reasons you should choose a standby Generac generator.

Natural Gas, Liquid Propane & Diesel Generators

Not every home backup generator is designed to provide the same amount of power output. Some generators are sized to power your entire home when an outage happens. Depending on the total power output that’s needed, these might use natural gas, liquid propane or diesel as a fuel source.

Natural gas can be a particularly attractive option because a backup generator that uses it can draw fuel directly from your gas lines..

To see what solution is best for your needs, contact Platinum Electrical Contractors, Inc. We offer a FREE, no-obligation in-home or virtual consultation with a qualified professional. From northern Ontario to Toronto, Niagara to Kingston and everywhere in between – we have you covered.  

Select Circuit, Managed Whole Home & Whole Home Installations

In addition to the fuel type, the specific purpose of a home backup generator installation also has to be taken into account. A professional installation for backup power should be able to provide options for:

  • Powering essential systems in a home: furnace, water heater, sump pump, lights, and major appliances
  • Managing your home’s power load to prioritize certain needs, making it possible to take air conditioner, stove and clothes dryer needs into account
  • Automatically supporting your entire home’s power for as long as the outage lasts, providing electrical supplies on par with your utility company’s regular power

When you’re looking for a local supplier and installer, check to see if a prospective company can provide this kind of versatility in its selections.

Look for the Best Generator Placement

A professional installer should not only have a good range of products and solid whole house generator brands to choose from. It should also show a clear understanding of generator placement.

A generator usually needs a minimum of five feet of space from doors, window openings or vents. It should ideally be 18 inches off your home’s outer wall and in reasonably close proximity to your gas meter and electrical panel. If the ideal kind of location isn’t available, or if you want your standby generator well out of sight and earshot, your professionals should be able to adjust their installation methods to accommodate you while making sure everything is compliant with local codes.

The Best Residential Standby Generators

The best generator brands are those that are reliable, deploy the latest in technology, are cost-effective and are easy to use. Far and away the industry leader in home generator performance is Generac, which has been a pioneering presence in backup power for over six decades.

There are a number of specific areas where Generac generators outperform their competition:

  • They come in a versatile range of capacities starting at 7.5 kW.
  • They provide the full range of fuel options discussed above.
  • Units come with an automatic transfer switch to activate your backup power immediately when the lights go out.
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi-supported remote monitor technology make it easy to check on them from almost anywhere.
  • A Generac generator’s engine is purpose-built for durability and dependability.

Ontario’s leading supplier and technician for Generac generators is Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Your Go-To for Generac Backup Generators: Platinum Electrical Contractors

Outages are more common in Ontario than in any other Canadian province. Whether you own a small home or a large one, it’s important to have a backup generator that can kick in and connect automatically whenever an outage happens. It should be easy to control, simple to monitor, support precisely the circuits where you need coverage and provide overall peace of mind.

For safety reasons and to avoid needless outage-related expenses, get the expert advice and proven expertise of Platinum Electrical Contractors in your corner. We’re an official Generac supplier and can help you choose the best solution for your needs and budget, install it professionally and headache-free, provide 24/7 support for maintenance and ensure adherence to local codes and safety needs.

If you found this article helpful and want to learn more about our service, contact us today.

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