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5 Things To Look for When Choosing a Backup Generator

Portable Generators vs Standby Generators

When you need access to electrical power that the normal power grid isn’t able to provide — either because of power failure or a lack of infrastructure — investing in either a portable generator or a standby generator is an attractive option.  However, all generators and generator brands are not created equal. There are several […]

How to Pick The Right kW Size Generator For Your Home

  When experiencing a bout of bad weather, most of us have the same thought: “I hope there isn’t a power outage.” Not only are power outages inconvenient, but they can be expensive. According to the Galvin Electricity Initiative, blackouts cost approximately $150 billion a year due to spoiled food, damaged equipment and decreased productivity. That’s […]

Assessing Your Own Property For a Standby Generator

So frequently a homeowner doesn’t persist with getting a quote on a home standby generator because they feel their home is not a good fit. They have been told there is no place for the generator, or their gas and electrical meters are on opposite sides of the home making an installation impossible. Some have […]

Cost of Installing an Automatic Backup Generator for Your Home

How Much Does a Backup Generator Cost? Generac backup generators are an essential piece of equipment for every household. They protect you and your home in case of a power outage by sensing when the power cuts out and initiating an independent energy source. This means that you can still enjoy a lovely warm bath, […]

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