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Cost of Installing an Automatic Backup Generator for Your Home

How Much Does a Backup Generator Cost?

Generac backup generators are an essential piece of equipment for every household. They protect you and your home in case of a power outage by sensing when the power cuts out and initiating an independent energy source. This means that you can still enjoy a lovely warm bath, continue running your business, use electronic devices and run essential appliances, like the refrigerator.

Exactly what a generator can power depends on the size. In general, the bigger the backup generator, the more energy it can output and the more expensive it’ll be. Read on to get an idea of how much backup generators cost.

What Is a Backup Generator?

A backup generator is a power source you can install that kicks in when there’s a power outage. Generac backup generators switch on automatically if they sense the grid is not pumping out electricity. With other backup generators, you might need to switch it on manually, which can be dangerous and challenging.

We’d recommend getting a standby generator installed, maintained and repaired by a pro — don’t attempt DIY on this beast.

Which Generac Backup Generators Are Available?

There are several different KW ratings and types of Generac generators available on the market. They range from small and affordable Air cooled units used in partial house and whole home solutions, to larger liquid cooled generators that can power homes and businesses with extensive demand. Backup generators run on natural gas, propane or even diesel and are installed outside just like an air conditioner.

A home backup generator gets integrated with the home’s power supply and requires minimal input from you. Just make sure you get it checked once a year by an expert and it’ll automatically do its job whenever you need it to.

Generac Backup Generator Prices

You can typically get a home standby generator complete with the unit and installation starting at $6800.00 through around $12000 depending on what loads you want to protect.

The larger the backup generator and more kW of electricity you want to produce, will cause the installation to be more expensive.  That’s why it’s important to consider your needs, size system design and installation to perform and meet your exact needs.

Another factor in the cost of installing an automatic backup generator is site conditions. After deciding on which equipment is right for you, The proposed generator location in relation to the gas source and electrical equipment in the building will determine the final price of installation.

If you think about it, over several years, you can lose a significant amount of money in wasted food, lost work hours and time spent arranging to stay with friends and family. The inconvenience of power outages is almost as annoying as the cost. But if this is something that’s happened to you more than once, you should definitely consider getting a larger generator.

Once it’s installed, you have peace of mind that life can go on as usual — even if there’s a loss of electrical power.

Get a Backup Generator for Your Home Today

Now you know how much backup generators cost, you might be surprised by how much you’ll save in the long run without the risk of power outage. Call Platinum Electrical Contractors today at 844-443-6776 to find out more about Generac backup generators.

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