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How to Pick The Perfect Backup Generator For Your Home

Like any other decision about purchasing home appliances, choosing the best backup generator for your home, might be challenging.  Unfortunately, the grid just can’t be relied upon 100% of the time. Storms and other potential threats make a backup generator an absolute must-have for most homes in Canada. No matter where you live or how big your family is, there are some features that are essential when it comes to how to pick the perfect standby generator for your Toronto home.

At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we sell, install and proudly maintain Generac generators with power ratings from 7.5 kW to 150+ kW. Read on to find out what you should look for in an automatic backup generator to ensure your household doesn’t get left in the cold and dark!

Look into the Manufacturer’s History

Perhaps the most essential research you can conduct is looking into the backup generator manufacturer’s history. This was once a simple case of word of mouth — you might previously have just asked friends and family for their opinions on the best standby generator for Ontario homeowners.

These days, the internet is an incredible platform to help you gauge word of mouth on a mass scale. Use online review sites and check for testimonials on the website to get a genuine and broad impression of the company’s reputation.

Check the Installation Company’s Online Reviews

When it comes to Generac generators, if you know the brand, you know you can feel confident in the equipment. But it’s essential that you check out the online reviews so you can make sure the company doing the actual installation and maintenance jobs has a track record of excellence.

Platinum Electrical Contractors has been providing backup power to the Toronto and GTA area since 1991, and we’ve gained an outstanding reputation. You can take a look at our testimonials for yourself.

Customization Makes All the Difference

You should have the choice of a propane-powered backup generator or a natural gas generator. Plus, the installation company should give you an option between a standby generator that powers the entire home and a customized generator that powers your essential needs, as opposed to every appliance in the home.

When you’re able to set your own coverage priorities, you choose the circuits that receive power in a blackout and have full control over how much you spend on the backup power solution. We’re not here to push products that people don’t need — we want to make sure you have the perfect generator for your requirements.

Make Sure There’s a Warranty

Although the equipment you buy should work perfectly, it should also be protected by the manufacturer in case of faults or issues down the line. Generac generators are protected by more than just a standard one- or two-year warranty. With Generac, you benefit from a 10-year warranty.

Get Your New Backup Generator Today

If you’re ready to protect your home and family with the best standby generator on the market, visit the Generator Experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors today to get started.

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