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20kW Generac Home Generator Installation

Why a Backup Generator Needs to be Your #1 Priority For Your Home

Why You Should Consider a Backup Generator?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the vulnerable state of the Canadian power grid. With technology more crucial to our lives than ever before, how are you making sure your work, personal and family life are protected from the random threat of a power outage? A Generac home standby generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors is the ideal solution.

When the power goes out, your furnace, refrigerator, sump pump, air conditioner, freezer, and more critical loads all Stop working. This can be expensive and disastrous, leaving families worried about their safety, their property and financial loss. A Generac standby generator kicks in as soon as it detects the power is out, saving all your appliances and devices.

Never Suffer from a Power Outage with an Automatic Backup Generator

You won’t need to worry about an unheated home, spoiled food or cold showers because of a power outage again if you get a standby generator. For people who live in areas that are prone to storms, power outages seem almost inevitable. You can avoid the inconvenience and cost of totally losing power by installing an automatic home standby generator.

Keep Your Essentials Operating No Matter What

The refrigerator tends to contain many valuable goods at any one time for most households. If you don’t have a Generac backup generator, you might find the entire contents of your refrigerator are spoiled, meaning you need to fork out serious money to replace it. If this happens several times each year, you’re spending an inordinate amount on wasted resources that could be avoided.

Backup Generators Make Your Property More Attractive

If you’re planning on selling your property at some stage in the near future, a backup generator makes it more attractive to prospective candidates. It’s a good selling point for buyers to know they have peace of mind that they won’t suffer in case there’s a loss of electrical power in the home.

Work from Home Without Worrying

More people are working from home than ever before. Whether you run your own business, you’re self-employed or you’re a home-based employee either some or all of the time, you need to know your work is safe and secure. Plus, if you don’t have a backup generator, you could lose hours of work time and upset clients.

A Standby Generator Keeps the Sump Pump Running

If the power goes out because of a storm, the last thing you need is a flooded basement because the sump pump stopped working. Get a Generac standby generator to ensure the sump pump can keep working no matter what happens on the power grid.

Keep Your Home and Pipes Safe

Candian winters can be brutally cold, so losing power during the winter months is one of the worst scenarios that can occur for homeowners. If the house falls under 12.7 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) for too long, construction materials in floors, walls and even the water pipes are put at risk of freezing and breaking. When water inside and surrounding the pipes freezes, it causes them to expand. The end result is burst pipes, a lack of running water and a big bill for restoring your home back to its original state. Most insurance companies will not cover your flood damage a second time.

Install a Backup Generator Today

It’s clear why you need to get a backup generator for your home. Now is the time to find a highly qualified contractor to install one. Call Platinum Electrical Contractors today at 844-443-6776 to book a free assessment of your property.

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