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a house with snow on the roof and Generac standby backup home generator installed with a transfer switch in Shanty Bay Ontario

Are Backup Home Generators Worth It?

In a world where power outages can disrupt daily life, the importance of a reliable power source cannot be overstated. For homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond, investing in a backup home generator is a decision that warrants careful consideration. Are backup home generators worth it? Let’s delve into the benefits, costs, and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Backup Home Generators

Backup home generators, also known as standby generators, are systems designed to provide power during a utility outage. Unlike portable generators, standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home’s electrical system. They automatically kick in when the power goes out, ensuring that your home remains powered even during extended outages.

The Importance of Backup Power

For suburban families in GTA Ontario, power outages can be more than just an inconvenience. They can disrupt work, school, and daily routines, and in some cases, pose safety risks. Here’s why having a backup generator is crucial:

  • Continuous Power Supply:

    Backup generators ensure that essential appliances like refrigerators, heating systems, and medical equipment remain operational during a power outage.

  • Home Security:

    Power outages can compromise home security systems, making your home vulnerable. A backup generator keeps your security systems functioning.

  • Comfort and Convenience:

    Maintaining comfort during an outage, especially during extreme weather conditions, is vital. Generators power HVAC systems, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

  • Prevents Food Spoilage:

    Extended power outages can lead to food spoilage. A backup generator keeps your refrigerator and freezer running, saving you from the hassle and cost of replacing spoiled food.

Platinum: Your Trusted Generac Dealer

When it comes to reliable backup power solutions, Platinum stands out as the number one Generac dealer in Ontario. Serving Southern Ontario, GTA, Ottawa, and a 300-kilometer radius of Toronto, Platinum is committed to providing top-notch Generac installations and services.

Founded in 1993 by Adam Wachtel, Platinum has built a reputation for excellence in electrical construction projects, including parks, pathways, sports field lighting, and subdivision and mid-rise buildings. With a focus on offering the best solutions, not just selling products, Platinum provides free on-site consultations, ensuring you get the best possible installation and maintenance services.

Generac generator on an aluminum stand in a big backyard of a beach house
Generac residential standby generator installed by Platinum in Wiarton, Ontario

Cannot recommend this company and staff enough to deal with for a Generac install. From the get-go, Mahtab, Mark, and installers Corey and Akkad were top-notch. Excellent communication from the office, Mahtab, professional, clear quote meeting with Mark, and the install guys, Corey and Akkad were prompt, professional, and efficient. If you want a generator, these folks are your team.

Denise J

We have had the 14kW Generac Guardian generator for over two months now and are completely satisfied both with the product and with Platinum. Every person we have been in contact with at Platinum was very professional, courteous, and efficient, from the estimator, through the office staff for scheduling and payments, to the installers. We were consulted and kept informed throughout the process, and all the promises and agreements were kept. Highly recommended!

Andras B


One of the primary considerations for homeowners is the cost of installing a home generator. While the initial investment can be substantial, it’s essential to weigh it against the benefits of an uninterrupted power supply. Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved:

  • Generator Cost:

The price of a home generator varies depending on the size and type. Generac offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Installation Cost:

Installation costs can vary based on the complexity of the installation, the size of the generator, and the specific requirements of your home. A simple installation might cost around $2,000, but this can increase depending on your home’s unique needs.

  • Maintenance Costs:

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your generator operates efficiently. Platinum offers annual maintenance contracts for a worry-free ownership experience, ensuring your generator is always in top condition.


Investing in a backup home generator offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond merely keeping the lights on. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Automatic Operation Backup generators are designed to start automatically within seconds of a power outage. This seamless transition ensures that there is no interruption to your power supply. Whether you’re at home or away, the generator will activate and keep your essential appliances and systems running. This automatic operation eliminates the need to manually set up and start the generator, providing peace of mind and convenience.
  2. Fuel Efficiency Backup generators typically run on natural gas or liquid propane, which are more cost-effective and convenient compared to gasoline-powered portable generators. These fuel sources are readily available and do not require frequent refueling. Natural gas, in particular, provides a continuous fuel supply without the need for storage or manual refilling, making it an efficient and reliable option for long-term use.
  3. Enhanced Safety Properly installed backup generators are safer than portable generators. They are placed outside the home and connected to the home’s electrical system, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a significant concern with portable generators. This setup ensures that the generator operates safely, without the need for extension cords or proximity to living spaces.
  4. Uninterrupted Comfort During power outages, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is crucial, especially during extreme weather conditions. Backup generators power HVAC systems, ensuring that your home remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This uninterrupted comfort is essential for families with young children, elderly members, or individuals with health conditions that require a stable indoor climate.
  5. Protection for Sensitive Electronics Power outages and surges can damage sensitive electronics and appliances. Backup generators provide a stable power supply, protecting your devices from potential harm. This protection is especially important for home offices, entertainment systems, and other high-value electronics that are susceptible to power fluctuations.
  6. Financial Savings While the initial investment in a backup generator can be significant, it can lead to long-term financial savings. Preventing food spoilage, avoiding hotel stays during extended outages, and protecting your home from damage caused by power surges can offset the initial costs. Additionally, a reliable power supply can help you avoid lost productivity if you work from home.
  7. Increased Property Value A home equipped with a backup generator can have a higher property value. Prospective buyers may see the generator as a valuable asset, providing an added layer of security and convenience. This feature can make your home more attractive in a competitive real estate market.
  8. Peace of Mind One of the most significant benefits of a backup home generator is the peace of mind it offers. Knowing that your home and family are protected during power outages provides a sense of security. You can rest easy knowing that essential systems and appliances will continue to function, regardless of external circumstances.


Home generators can vary in noise levels based on several factors including size, make, and installation environment. Generator Experts ensures that every Generac generator they install is optimized for low noise output. They provide expert guidance on installation locations and techniques to further reduce noise, tailoring solutions to meet local regulations and your personal comfort needs.


Absolutely. Generators prove their worth during power outages, maintaining crucial home functions such as heating, lighting, and refrigeration. Generator Experts offers Generac generators, renowned for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you get the best return on your investment by tailoring solutions that fit your exact needs.



Choosing the right size generator for your home is crucial to ensure it meets your power needs. Here’s how to determine the appropriate size:

  • Essential Circuit Coverage:

Generac’s prepackaged Guardian Series generator systems provide essential circuit coverage, ensuring key appliances and areas of your home remain powered.

  • Managed Whole House Coverage:

Pairing a smaller generator with Generac’s load-shedding options allows for managed power solutions, providing coverage for essential circuits when needed.

  • Complete Whole House Coverage:

For full coverage, a larger kW unit can be paired with the appropriate transfer switch, ensuring no circuit is left uncovered.


To ensure your generator remains reliable, regular maintenance is essential. Platinum offers scheduled maintenance kits and annual maintenance contracts, providing a worry-free ownership experience. Regular maintenance tasks include:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Inspection of spark plugs
  • Battery checks
  • Air filter replacement

Using the recommended oil type and adhering to maintenance schedules as outlined in the owner’s manual will ensure your generator operates efficiently for years to come.


An automatic backup generator offers several advantages over a portable generator:

  • Convenience:

Automatically starts during an outage, eliminating the need to manually set up and start the generator.

  • Safety:

Reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as it operates outside your home.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Running on natural gas or propane, it is more economical compared to gasoline-powered portable generators.

  • Reliability:

Provides continuous power without the need for monitoring or refueling.



For homeowners in GTA Ontario and surrounding areas, a backup home generator is a worthwhile investment. The peace of mind, safety, and convenience it offers far outweigh the initial costs. Platinum, as the leading Generac dealer in Ontario, provides top-notch installation and maintenance services, ensuring your home remains powered during any outage.

Ready to invest in a backup home generator? Contact Platinum for a free on-site consultation and discover the best power solution for your home. Give us a call or visit our shop to get started on ensuring your home is always prepared for a power outage.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Installing a backup home generator is a complex process that should only be carried out by licensed professionals. Platinum offers expert installation and maintenance services to ensure your generator operates efficiently and reliably .When you choose Platinum, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality installation and maintenance services in the industry. Our certified technicians have the expertise and experience to provide efficient, top-notch installation services, paired with the best Generac products on the market. But that’s not all: we also offer ongoing maintenance services and support to keep your generator operating at peak performance throughout its lifespan .With Platinum, you can enjoy hassle-free ownership, knowing that your generator is always in excellent condition. Contact us today to schedule an installation or maintenance appointment.

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