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How You Can Spot Trouble on the Horizon with Your Current Standby Generator

When your backup standby generator doesn’t work properly, you need to have it looked at right away. Normally, it’s supposed to test itself weekly, start up and run smoothly and generate the rated voltage at the correct Hertz. If it doesn’t do these things, it’s worse than not having a generator at all because you’re relying on its power and haven’t planned for a power outage. What’s more, a generator producing power outside of the specifications can damage sensitive equipment within the home or office. Call your generator maintenance service or an authorized dealer to do some emergency maintenance so you can rely on receiving backup power when you need it if you have any of these issues:

The Generator Doesn’t Do Its Scheduled Test Runs

Standby power units such as Generac generators have to exercise regularly, typically once a week. They start up automatically and run for a few minutes to make sure they’re ready to start when needed. If your generator is no longer doing that, it’s time for a backup generator service. It could be something simple like a fuse or perhaps a battery issue. Getting an authorized service representative to visit helps make sure your generator is in good working condition.

The Generator Cranks But Doesn’t Start

Sometimes your generator will just crank and refuse to start. One thing you can check right away is whether there’s fuel. If that’s not the problem, depending on your model, it could be that there’s no spark or fuel is not reaching the cylinders. You’ll want a competent service technician to check and fix what’s wrong. When you call, ask whether you should stop it from cranking repeatedly and how to do it. It might damage itself.

The Generator Starts But Doesn’t Run Smoothly

If you haven’t had your standby generator maintenance done in a while, your generator may start but not run smoothly. If it’s hard starting, coughing or running rough, it could be a large number of things that have been neglected, anything from a clogged air cleaner through bad spark plugs to valves needing adjustment or even the required firmware upgrade. Depending on how bad the problem is, you may want service right away, or you can schedule regular maintenance to start soon. Then you won’t have a problem when you need the generator to work properly.

The Generator Runs But You Don’t Get Any Power

Your generator may start properly and run beautifully but not deliver any power to your loads. Usually there is a circuit breaker and a control board that controls the automatic transfer switch. It’s likely something in this electrical circuit is not working as it should although there could also be a problem with the generator not producing electricity. You need to call for emergency service because you’re not going to get the power you need. An authorized Generac generator dealer such as Platinum Electrical Contractors can send someone to fix this problem and your generator will again be ready to run your critical loads.

High-quality backup units such as Generac generators are very reliable but they need regular maintenance. You can get an annual maintenance contract or just schedule regular maintenance from an authorized dealer and your generator will reliably back up your electrical supply. Regular maintenance will avoid situations where the generator doesn’t work properly when it is needed and it will extend the generator’s life as well.

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