For many homes and businesses across Waterloo, backup generators are critical. They keep families warm when winter weather takes down a power line. And they keep essential businesses operating when infrastructure fails. So, when choosing a generator installer they know they can count on, the people of Waterloo choose Platinum Electrical.

At Platinum Electrical, we’ve had the pleasure of making sure the homes and businesses of Waterloo have had reliable generators for almost three decades. Providing reliable generator installation services to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential clients, our team of expert technicians has the knowledge and experience to handle any generator project, big or small.

Don’t Let a Power Outage Catch You Off Guard

Most of us can get by without energy for a few minutes. But extended outages can have dire consequences when critical infrastructure fails due to weather or other unexpected events. This is why we work hard to make sure no one has to deal with worst-case scenarios. At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we hope no one has to face these situations, but we know they happen.

We provide free estimates, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have about your home or business’s generator needs. So, you can trust our qualified professionals to keep your power on when you need it most. We offer:

  • A wide range of generators: We provide a range of generators to meet your specific home or business needs. And our team is always happy to help you choose the right model.

  • Expert installation: Our experienced professionals can handle any generator installation project. And our work adheres to all local regulations and is always up to code.

  • Customized plans: We understand that all our customers have unique needs. From installation to service and maintenance, we’ll work with you to find a service plan that fits your budget and your backup generator needs.

In addition to providing the best generator installation services in Waterloo, we also offer ongoing service and maintenance to keep your generator running smoothly. With regular inspections and quick repairs, you can rest assured that your generator is always ready to go when you need it. Be sure to get the protection you need before the next power outage.

Always Affordable, Never Cheap

Regarding standby generators, you need to pay more attention to quality. That’s why we only use Generac generators to ensure your backup power is reliable and efficient. Like our installation, service and support, we take pride in our work and won’t settle for anything less. That’s why we only use Generac generators to ensure that your backup power is reliable and efficient.

Reliability From the Ground Up

When the power goes out, you can count on Generac generators to provide reliable backup power. These generators offer utility-grade power without any surges or interruptions, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected. Plus, there’s no need to worry about running dangerous extension cords or trying to find a working diesel fuel source. With Generac generators, you can have smooth, uninterrupted power at all times.

The Latest In Generator Tech

Constantly innovating to bring you the best in standby power solutions, Generac is a leader in the field. Generac’s Synergy Line of generators uses cutting-edge technology to match generator output to actual energy needs, resulting in better fuel efficiency and quieter operation. With Mobile Link and cellular remote monitoring, homeowners and commercial businesses alike can access their backup power source remotely from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Like Platinum Electrical, Generac is dedicated to being a company you can count on.

Guaranteed Quality

With a Generac generator, you have a reliability guarantee. Generac’s confidence in quality is reflected in its warranty, which extends far beyond the industry standard. While other manufacturers stick to 3-year coverage, Generac stands by every model for a minimum of 5 years. Plus, if you want even more protection, extended warranties of 7, 9 and 12 years are available.



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Your Investment Partner

At Platinum Electrical, we understand that a standby generator is a significant investment. This is why, when you choose us for your Waterloo generator needs, you’re more than our customer — you’re our partner. We stand by you for your generator’s life, ensuring your investment is always running its best. Our service and maintenance plans include the following:

  • Regular inspections: Our expert team will perform regular inspections on your generator to ensure it’s in good working order.

  • Quick repairs: If we find issues during routine maintenance, we’ll work quickly to correct the issue, so you’re sure to have power when you need it most.

  • Prolonged life span: We’ll ensure your generator lasts as long as possible through regular service and maintenance.

  • Peace of mind: With our service and maintenance plans, you’ll rest easy knowing that when the energy goes out, you have a reliable backup energy source that won’t fail.

Don’t let a faulty generator leave you in the dark. Contact Platinum Electrical to learn more about our service and maintenance plans and how we’ll keep your generator running smoothly and reliably.

Keeping Waterloo’s Power on Since 1991

Platinum Electrical has served clients in the Waterloo area since 1991, providing high-quality electrical and generator installation services. We’ll work with you to ensure your needs are met to the highest possible quality across any kind of electrical project, whether a standby generator for your home or backup power sources for industrial businesses

With our team of friendly experts who all share a deep focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, we’ve delivered comprehensive, on-time and on-budget services for more than 25 years. If you’re ready to add a backup generator to your home or commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. We look forward to helping you with your backup generator needs for years to come.