Ontario’s power grid faces power outages more frequently than in any other Canadian jurisdiction. The realities of steadily increasing demand on aging infrastructure, paired with an ongoing rise in severe winter storms, heat waves, cold snaps and other extreme weather events, make it important to be ready for the unexpected if you own a home or run a business in communities like Tecumseh, Ontario. Hoping for outages to be confined to just a couple of hours or waiting for the utility company to repair the problem aren’t the best options when the lights go out for days at a time. That’s when you need a backup generator installed by the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Home Backup Generators in Tecumseh, ON

A brief power outage is a minor inconvenience for most homes, a chance to take a break from the television and break out the board games. Longer outages are a much more serious proposition, leaving your family without air conditioning, lighting, power for digital devices or refrigeration. Your home can become all but uninhabitable as time draws out, with particular risks to family members with special health needs or chronic medical conditions.

That’s why having a backup home generator in good working order is an important part of any emergency preparedness plan for homeowners in Tecumseh, Ontario. The long-time market leader in residential backup power is Generac, which has been at the forefront of the industry for over six decades, and the experienced team at Platinum Electrical Contractors is the brand’s top dealers in the province. There are many different ways a residential standby generator from Generac can afford you peace of mind:

  • They’re unobtrusive and self-contained and produce a minimal amount of noise when operating.
  • They provide uninterrupted power in case of an outage by means of an automatic transfer switch that allows them to kick in the moment the electricity from the public grid fails.
  • There are plenty of customizable options available, with a range of power outputs starting at 7.5 kW giving you the option to backup power for your whole home or just to cover the essentials.
  • They run on a variety of fuels including diesel, propane and natural gas, giving you the latitude to choose the fuel type that’s most convenient for your needs. 
  • Wi-Fi and cellular-based remote monitoring make it possible to check the system’s status from just about anywhere, allowing you to take vacations or business trips with confidence in your home’s safety while you’re away.

The seasoned professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors can install your home unit quickly and efficiently and support you with scheduled maintenance, checkups and emergency repairs whenever needed, ensuring your backup generator remains in tip-top shape throughout its lifespan.

Commercial Backup Generators

Small to medium-sized businesses can be especially vulnerable to financial loss from power outages. Restaurants and convenience stores can ill afford not just the loss of ongoing business but also the disruption of refrigerated storage of their food and beverage supplies. Retail outlets can face thousands of dollars hourly in lost sales and become extra-vulnerable to theft when their security systems go out, while medical offices and clinics can face interruptions to the use of life-saving medical equipment or the spoilage of critical medicine.

That makes a commercial-grade standby generator from Generac a must-have for business owners in Tecumseh, Ontario, and similar communities across the province. With reliable backup power comes not only peace of mind but also the protection of crucial revenue if a prolonged outage happens. Platinum Electrical Contractors’ commercial generator lines come with a number of convenient options:

  • You can opt for a single-phase or three-phase installation, depending on the specs of your choice of backup generator.
  • Cold weather kits and all-weather enclosures protect your generator from all types of weather and ensure its smooth, efficient function in even the toughest circumstances.
  • Our products are fully certified for regulatory and fire safety compliance.
  • Just as with residential generators, our commercial solutions come with automatic transfer switches, a range of power output and fuel options and remote cellular- and Wi-Fi-based monitoring.

Platinum Electrical Contractors has years of experience serving businesses across Ontario, and we can help you find the right solution for your business and budget as well as sustain it with regular maintenance and high standards of customer service.

Industrial Backup Generators

It’s the standard operating procedure for industrial-scale facilities like factories, warehouses and treatment plants to have backup generators in place, and understandably so. When you’re running a facility that keeps up the production schedules that other businesses rely on or working for an operation that provides crucial public services or offers private storage, transport and logistics for vast arrays of other businesses, interruptions can spell disaster. It’s a necessity to have an emergency generator set standing by.

Platinum Electrical Contractors has extensive experience in customizing, installing and maintaining exactly the kinds of gensets that industrial facilities need to keep running. We offer medium- to high-output generators with user-friendly LCD controls, a wide range of accessories such as load management tools and remote monitoring. Our modular power systems let you build versatile and scalable backup power solutions that suit your needs at every step.

Contact the Experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors

If you’re in Tecumseh, Ontario, and need to replace an old backup generator or get a brand-new means of protecting your power supply, contact Platinum Electrical Contractors today and learn what we can deliver for you. We offer free on-site assessments as well as virtual consultations, and we’re always happy to consult with you about your specific needs.