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Installing Standby Generators in Bradford, ON


Power outages are a growing inconvenience in provinces across Canada, driven by growing demand, aging infrastructure and increasingly frequent severe storms and other weather events. The problem is perhaps at its most acute in Ontario, where outages in recent years have increased by 20%. That makes it essential to have a backup power solution when you own a home or run a business in a community like Bradford, ON. In the face of a prolonged outage, waiting for the utility company to get your lights back on may simply not be enough, and that’s where a dependable Generac standby generator installed by a team of professionals like Platinum Electrical Contractors comes in.

Residential Backup Generators in Bradford, ON

When a power failure lasts more than a few hours, it can become a serious problem for homeowners. Major appliances stop working, lack of refrigerators and freezers can cause food and other supplies to spoil and lack of charge can render important communications devices inoperable, leaving your family cut off from important emergency updates and announcements. And of course, it’s never pleasant to be left without heating or lighting in the middle of a snowstorm.

A Generac home generator can provide you with peace of mind in the middle of even the most severe outage. Featuring purpose-built engines and aluminum enclosures that ensure your backup power functions reliably in even the most demanding situations, these generators offer True Power Technology that generates utility-grade electricity free of any signal interference that might compromise sensitive appliances or devices. They can be powered with a wide range of fuel types including natural gas, propane or diesel, making it easy to connect with the available utilities in your area.

Residential standby generators from Platinum Electrical Contractors come in a wide range of capacities from 7,000 up to 22,000 watts, depending on your needs. A Select Circuit or Managed Whole Home installation can either power specific crucial circuits in your home or prioritise high-draw appliances with a bit of management. A Whole Home installation can allow your entire residence to function normally while off the grid, and all of them can compensate automatically when the power goes out.

Many other benefits come with a Generac unit:

  • Automatic self-testing either monthly or weekly
  • Wi-Fi and cellular-based remote monitoring that lets you check in on your system from almost anywhere
  • Unobtrusive visual design and noise levels as low as 60 decibels
  • Competitive financing and comprehensive maintenance and repair

Whatever your needs for a home in Bradford, Ontario, you can count on us to be there.

Commercial Standby Generators

As the old saying goes, time is money. Time lost to power outages can be even more costly for businesses than for homeowners. Retail businesses can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour as customers go unserved and their stock is exposed to theft for a lack of security equipment. Clinics, convenience stores and restaurants can face untold risks from the spoilage of critical supplies, and offices and data centres can be exposed to increased risks to precious data.

For commercial property owners and managers, backup power is a necessity. Even a short outage of two or three hours can be immensely costly, and yet most business insurance doesn’t pay out unless an outage is longer than eight hours. A commercial standby generator in Bradford, Ontario can pay for itself over the span of just 10 power outages.

Commercial backup power from Platinum Electrical Contractors comes with all the benefits of a Generac residential unit and more besides:

  • They’re designed for either single or triple-phased installations
  • They come with user-friendly LCD controls that let employees monitor performance and track maintenance needs
  • They include cold weather kits for dependable starting throughout winter weather
  • Their automatic transfer switches provide seamless transition between normal and backup electricity
  • They come with remote cell-based monitoring and weekly self-testing

These standby generators are UL-certified and compliant with fire safety and other regulations. We carry an extensive selection of products and replacement parts, offer both scheduled and emergency maintenance as needed and work to the highest standards of customer support and service.

Industrial Backup Gensets in Bradford, ON

Industrial and other large-scale facilities need reliable backup power as a matter of course. Whether they’re utilities in their own right, data centres or health care facilities, warehouses or plants or factories, too many rely on their output for them to be able to afford downtime. It takes an experienced team of experts to design and customize industrial backup generator solutions, whether you need a replacement genset or standby power for a newly opened facility in Bradford, Ontario.

Generac has been a leading name in industrial power generation for more than six decades. Platinum Electrical Contractors is Ontario’s leading dealer of PowerPro Elite+ products and for the increasing needs of modern companies and organizations have put high-power diesel generators at the core of our product range. Our industrial standby generators are feature-rich, dependable and robust:

  • Modular in design for scalability and versatility
  • Fitted for parallel and redundant installations ranging up to 2 MW in capacity
  • Come with intelligent controls and integrated load management and switching
  • Include ISO-certified industrial transfer switches for maximum reliability

We offer regular inspections, annual maintenance and a complete selection of replacement parts with the support of specially trained technicians. With the help of Platinum Electrical Contractors, your industrial backup genset needs are covered.

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Don’t be caught unawares when the power goes out in Bradford, Ontario. Whether your needs are residential, commercial or industrial, the friendly and experienced team of professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors is here to help. Get a free quote today and protect your power.


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