It’s just a reality of life in Ontario that your community could face power outages, sometimes prolonged ones, at just about any time of year. Severe winter storms or other kinds of severe weather can form a volatile mixture with increased demand and aging infrastructure that can lead to a costly and even dangerous power outage for homes or businesses, and Ontario is more frequently affected than any other province.

If you run a business or are a homeowner in St. Catharines, Ontario, it’s important to have a solution on hand that isn’t just about praying for the utility company to get the lights back on fast: it’s important to have a leading-brand Generac backup generator installed by the experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Backup Generators

A brief power outage might be no more than a minor inconvenience, but a power outage that lasts days at a time can render your home unlivable. The loss of heating, air conditioning, lights, major appliances and refrigerated food storage are the first things that come to mind, but just as concerning may be losing the ability to recharge the cell phones and digital devices that keep you in touch with friends and safety services and up to date on weather alerts. Especially for family members with special medical needs or chronic conditions, these kinds of outages can be a serious risk factor.

Generac backup generators, the industry leader for over six decades, can provide a reliable solution. Platinum Electrical Contractors have years of experience installing home generators across Ontario, and we can offer a wide range of Generac products to offer peace of mind for homeowners. That includes:

  • A choice of manual or automatic transfer switch systems, the latter of which can activate your generator immediately to compensate for any interruptions in your electricity
  • A selection of power output levels starting at 7.5 kW, giving you the option to power just the essentials or cover utility-quality electricity for an entire home
  • A range of fuel types including natural gas, propane and diesel to accommodate the type of fuel supply that’s most convenient and accessible for your needs
  • Wi-Fi and cellular-based remote monitoring technology that allows you to monitor your standby generator from almost anywhere, taking business trips and family vacations alike with confidence

The dedicated professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors carry out the efficient installation of these unobtrusive, self-contained units in compliance with local codes and regulations and specific to your needs. We also provide scheduled maintenance, regular inspections and emergency service calls to support the lifespan of your standby generator.

Commercial Backup Generators in St. Catharines, ON

The lost revenue and interrupted services that come with a prolonged power outage can become a seriously costly proposition for a business in St. Catharines, Ontario. Retail outlets typically face thousands of dollars in lost sales per hour during an outage, not to mention being exposed to higher incidences of shoplifting by the failure of cameras and other security measures. Restaurants, convenience stores and medical clinics can all be profoundly affected by the absence of refrigeration for the supplies that their customers and clients rely on.

That’s why having a Generac commercial generator for your business is an important part of emergency preparedness, both for the safety of visitors and employees and for your bottom line. Platinum Electrical Contractors has worked with businesses across Ontario to provide flexible power solutions with all the key features that mark Generac out as an industry leader:

  • All-weather enclosures and cold weather kits keep your generator functioning reliably even in severely adverse conditions.
  • A combination of automatic transfer switches, user-friendly LCD controls and load management tools and accessories allows you to control your standby system and prioritize the circuits that most require backup.
  • Just as with our residential generators, Wi-Fi and cell-based remote monitoring lets you check up on the system from almost any location.
  • We offer a choice of single-phase and three-phase installation and certify all our products for regulatory and fire safety compliance.

Platinum Electrical Contractors is the leading Generac dealer in Ontario, and you can rely on our guidance and expertise for choosing the very best backup generators for your business.

Industrial Backup Generators

Industrial and other large-scale facilities like treatment plants, hospitals, factories and warehouses need to have backup power systems as a matter of course. There are simply too many people in the business community and the public at large depending on them for them to be able to afford interruptions. Complicated production schedules could be knocked off track and lives could even potentially be placed at risk, depending on the facility. That’s why industrial users turn to a recognized brand like Generac for their backup power needs.

The professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors have years of experience in customizing modular power solutions for industrial-grade users, featuring all the same sophisticated features of our other solutions but versatile and scalable to match the ever-changing needs of industrial properties. Whether your need is for a medium-output natural gas or biofuel-driven solution or a high-output diesel genset, we have you covered.

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