Of all Canadian provinces, Ontario is statistically at the highest risk for power outages, which have increased in frequency by over 20% in recent years. There are several reasons for this — a steady increase in demand, aging infrastructure and more frequent storms and other severe weather events being the leading culprits — but the bottom line is that if you’re a homeowner or run a business in Ottawa, Ontario, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected. And that means having a solution for prolonged outages that’s more proactive than just waiting for the utility company to fix the problem; it means having access to a backup generator supplied and installed by licensed professionals like Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Backup Generators

Protecting the power supply to your home can be a major time and money saver in the event of a prolonged power outage. The expenses associated with spoiled food or a failed sump pump can be considerable, and the inconvenience of having your family deprived of heating, phones and internet access can be difficult to cope with. A residential standby generator can guard against these problems.

Platinum Electrical Contractors are authorized dealers of Generac backup generators for the home, the leading brand name in the industry for over six decades. We provide generators with output calibrated specifically to your needs and budget; you can get a unit designed to activate either automatically or manually and with enough power output to run the essentials or power your entire home. Mobile Link remote monitoring lets you check in on the system anywhere you have cell or Wi-Fi access, providing complete peace of mind even when you’re out of town.

Commercial Backup Generators

When you’re running a business in Ottawa, Ontario, every hour the power is out means lost revenue and lost opportunities. Retailers are particularly vulnerable when the lights go out — power cuts can effectively cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in revenue per hour, and the loss of electricity to crucial security systems can dramatically increase the risk of theft. It’s just as serious a proposition for others, such as medical facilities that count on powering critical medical equipment or restaurants and convenience stores that need refrigerated storage.

We offer a wide range of commercial standby generators with power outputs ranging as high as 1,000 kW, available for both single-phase and three-phase installations. User-friendly LCD control systems make it easy to monitor the system and track maintenance requirements, while purpose-built Generac engines provide reliable functionality year-round. Automatic transfer switches make for seamless activation in the event of an outage.

Industrial Backup Generators

Whether you’re running a manufacturing facility, a warehouse or a major mill or plant, maintaining a consistent schedule is everything, and power outages are something you simply can’t afford. That’s why industrial backup generators are a must, and it’s why the experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors provide customized, modular backup gensets built to the specific needs of your facility, ranging from high-performance diesel systems to moderate-wattage solutions powered by natural gas or biofuels. Parallel and redundant installations can fulfill power requirements ranging from 750 kW to 2 MW.

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