Are you prepared for extreme weather events, frigid winter temperatures or power outages that may result from aging utility infrastructure? One of the best ways to protect your home is to get a backup power source so you’re not at the mercy of utility companies during an emergency. This guide reviews why businesses, government agencies and homeowners throughout Canada widely trust Generac backup generators. 

What Is a Standby Backup Generator?

Traditional generators can provide limited power when using alternative fuel, such as gasoline, diesel or propane. They must be turned on when needed, which can cause issues if a power outage occurs while you’re away. Standby generators are connected to your electrical system and have a switch that turns them on when you lose power. 

Generac is one of the most trusted and respected standby generator manufacturers and offers different generators based on your specific power needs. Whether you’re looking to cover the power your family uses at home or keep a business running during a power outage, a Generac generator can get the job done for you. 

Every Generac generator allows users to check its status and operate it remotely. This means that whether you’re at home, on the road or in a different country, you can remain informed about whether your generator is in use or needs repairs. Generac generators also offer unrivaled durability and dependability compared with other available generators. 

Home Backup Generators in Oshawa, ON

Snowstorms aren’t the only thing that may threaten your home. A whole-home generator automatically provides power to your home if you experience power loss due to downed utilities, rolling blackouts, extreme weather or natural disasters. You can also choose a generator based on your power needs to continue your life as usual.

Some of the benefits of keeping the power on include:

  • Keeping your garage and security systems operational so your home is easy to access and secure even if you’re away
  • Protecting your food and other perishable supplies
  • Keeping your plumbing safe from freezing temperatures
  • Allowing you and your family to continue using all your electronic devices

Whether you’re home or away, you can check to see if your home is experiencing a power outage from any mobile device. The app also lets you know if your generator needs routine maintenance or repairs. 

Trusted Oshawa Commercial Backup Generator Dealer

Business owners often don’t realize how much money they can lose during a power outage until they experience one. Each hour your business goes without power may cost you thousands of dollars. This is due to security breaches, employee downtime, lost sales opportunities and lost perishable inventory. 

A commercial backup generator protects your employees and customers by allowing you to continue operating as usual, even when the power’s out. Your employees can still access your security and computer systems, and your customers can shop normally. Criminals who prey on businesses during power outages will notice that your business usually operates and stay away. 

Our commercial backup generators are trusted by various medical offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, government agencies and commercial offices. You, too, can have the same peace of mind that comes with knowing the next power outage doesn’t have to create havoc at your place of work. 

Routine Maintenance for Your Backup Generator

One of the most common questions customers have when installing a backup generator is how much upkeep is required. It’s essential to ensure your generator is in top condition so it doesn’t fail when you need it most. According to Generac, you should schedule routine maintenance on your generator once a year. 

If you’ve used it for more than 200 hours during the year, you might want to perform maintenance or an inspection sooner. It’s always recommended to perform regular service and inspections because small issues can quickly become large, expensive ones if you don’t perform needed service. 

As long as you’re performing maintenance at regular, suggested intervals, your Generac warranty covers major repairs. Some customers have reported that the claims process is frustrating when working with Generac directly, which is why we handle that on your behalf. All you need to do is give us a call, let us know what’s wrong and let our team get to work for you. 

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