Ontario has the dubious distinction of going through more power outages than any other province in Canada. Whether you live, work or run a business here, suddenly losing power creates a serious problem that only an automatic standby generator can solve. Platinum Electrical Contractors is an authorized Generac dealer serving business and residential customers in the Orangeville area with standby generators that can power your home, office or industrial plant. Our team of trained and experienced installers can help you plan and install an electrical backup system that precisely covers your needs and gives you peace of mind in the event of a serious power loss.

Home Backup Generators

A sudden loss of power at home can leave your house in the dark and your family in the cold. When a severe storm or load shedding cuts your power, you can lose heat in a blizzard or have the food in your refrigerator go bad. If you have a ventilator or other medical equipment in your home, losing power for an extended period could be dangerous.

Platinum Electrical Contractors installs customized home energy systems that protect private homes from failures on the grid. Using efficient Generac generators that run from 7-22 kW, we can plan out and install a power system that completely covers your home power needs and keeps the lights on indefinitely, even when the rest of the neighborhood is blacked out. 

Our systems sit unobtrusively outside your home like another HVAC unit, using propane, natural gas or another fuel source to run your home circuits efficiently. Our expert installers can work with you to design the right solution for your power needs. Choose a Select Circuit installation that can efficiently keep power flowing to just the most important devices in your house, or go for a Whole Home installation that keeps everything powered up for as long as you need. 

Commercial Backup Generators

If you’ve lost power to your office, you’re basically out of business until it’s back up and running. Even a brief interruption can be tremendously expensive for retailers missing lost sales, offices paying employees who can’t use their computers, restaurants with customers sitting in the dark, and freezers full of food gradually warming up. Even if you have insurance, your plan only covers outages that last more than eight hours. Since most losses in Dufferin County last just over two hours, this can leave you financially out of luck. The pros at Platinum Electrical Contractors can help you protect your commercial property with a standby generator that keeps your business up and running no matter what.

We install backup generators for businesses ranging from 15-1,000 kW, covering everything from a small commercial trailer with three people to a sprawling retail establishment with thousands of customers in and out every hour. Our purpose-built and liquid-cooled engines are easy to start and keep running during an outage, with automatic or manual engagement switches and various fuels they can run on. Commercial generators are built to be tough, and they can be counted on to reliably deliver local power even when a storm or a blizzard has knocked out power lines or shut down energy from the mains.

We work with all commercial clients, from small operations to huge properties, to design ideal power solutions. Banks, medical clinics and emergency services in Orangeville use Generac systems to protect crucial data and keep their communications systems up and running during outages. Local warehouses and climate-controlled storage providers rely on our systems to keep the heat and AC running when needed and keep their teams productive during a general local outage. Outpatient clinics and residential health facilities need a constant power supply to run lifesaving equipment and maintain a consistent environment indoors for their patients.

Industrial Backup Generators

If any place in Ontario needs reliable, consistent power in high volume, it’s industrial plants. No matter what kind of industry you’re engaged with, from heavy manufacturing to metallurgy, finish assembly, electronics manufacture or running a high-throughput data centre, you need a lot of power, and you need it every second you’re in operation. Losing power for even a few minutes can cause costly shutdowns that force you to go through an hours-long restart and recalibration sequence. An unexpected loss of power can damage machines, overload delicate circuits and cost you tens of thousands of dollars an hour.

Keep your mission-critical machinery up and running through the worst power interruptions with a custom industrial generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors. We install industrial systems with a range of up to 1,500 kW, with enough spare capacity to allow for your future growth and changing needs.

Backup Generators in Orangeville

No matter what your power needs are in Ontario, the Platinum Electrical Contractors pros have covered you. We offer financing assistance and free consultations for all our customers. Call us today at (844) 443-6776 to speak with an expert and get a quote about protecting your store, office or home with a Generac standby generator.