If you’re a resident or business owner in Mono, ON, you know it’s a rural community and the weather can be harsh, especially during the long, cold winters. In this situation, the last thing you need is a power cut leaving you stranded, so considering having a backup generator installed is a good idea.

Why Do I Need a Backup Electrical Generator?

Mono’s location makes it particularly vulnerable to power interruptions due to severe weather, such as high winds and freezing rain, which can bring down power lines.

If your heating relies on electricity, this could have dire consequences in Mono’s cold winters, when temperatures rarely get above freezing. Even if you have other heat sources, food storage can become an issue in a power cut as your refrigerators and freezers begin to defrost. All these reasons add up to a powerful argument for installing a backup electrical generator in your home or business.

What Types of Generators Are Available?

Most generators on the market are usually powered using diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas. They also come in various sizes, from small portable ones to large-capacity generators for industrial facilities.

Most generators fall into two broad types: air-cooled, usually the smaller-capacity generators, and liquid-cooled ones for when a larger capacity is needed. But which is best for your home or business?

Selecting a Generator

Before selecting a generator, you need to work out your power requirements. Rather than trying to keep every device in your property on, you should work out which appliances are vital and add up their power requirements to determine the generator’s output capacity. You also need to calculate how long you’ll need to keep the generator on so you know how large a fuel tank you need and how much fuel you should store. Most power cuts are fixed in two to three hours, but some can last for days or weeks if the damage is significant. Once you’ve worked all this out, you can choose from these types of generators:

Residential Generators

In case of a power outage, a home backup generator will provide between 7,000 and 220,000 watts of power to keep your essential appliances running. As with an HVAC unit, the generator will sit unobtrusively outside your home. A transfer switch near your breaker box will alert the generator to power up and supply essential circuits when there’s a power cut.

Commercial Generators

Power outages are a major problem for commercial premises, and businesses can lose anywhere from $500 to $5,000 every hour during an outage. At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we supply commercial generators to businesses in Mono, ON, that provides between 15 kW and 100 kW to keep your business open during a power cut. Commercial generators come with cold weather kits that keep internal components warm to ensure reliability starting through the winter.

Industrial Generators

High-demand industries require large, powerful diesel generators that can keep your Mono, ON, business running during a power outage. We supply, install and maintain systems that provide all the power you’ll need during an outage, including monitoring circuits and controllers. The systems are modular, so you can build industrial generator installations that cover power requirements from 750 kW to 2 MW.

Mono, ON’s Leading Backup Generator Installer

At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we have over 50 years of experience supplying, installing and maintaining generators for homes and businesses in the Mono, ON, area. With our reliable modern technology, you can monitor your systems 24/7 through a tablet or smartphone app to ensure everything’s working effectively, and you can also contact our team of experts for rapid response on maintenance and repairs.

If you’re looking for an electrical backup generator in Mono, ON, contact us to get a quote today.