With winter coming soon in Milton, Ontario, it’s important to consider what may happen to your home or business if you experience a power outage. In addition to the potential for property damage due to frozen and burst water lines, many other things could go wrong during an extended outage. This guide reviews why you may wish to install a standby generator for your home or business. 

Home Backup Generators in Milton, ON

While many homeowners in Milton begin to consider installing a home backup generator in the fall, it can protect you and your family throughout the entire year. Due to increased power demand, more violent storms and degrading power infrastructure, power outages are becoming more common than ever before. Having a whole home generator can protect your property while allowing your family to continue life as normal until the power comes back on. 

You can choose generator options that run off a variety of fuel sources, such as natural gas, propane or diesel fuel. The moment the generator senses you’ve lost power, it turns on and supplies your home with the amount of electricity needed to suit your demand. Generator options are available to meet numerous applications.

If you want your family to continue life uninterrupted, you can select a generator that replaces your normal power usage completely. Or you might save a little money by choosing a backup generator that supplies your most important appliances only, such as your heating system, stove, security system and garage door.

If you’re wondering where your backup generator will be located, it’s installed inconspicuously outside your home and looks just like an air conditioner. You can monitor the status of your generator from anywhere you have an internet connection so you know if it’s been activated or if there’s an issue that requires your attention. 

Industrial Standby Generators for Milton, ON Businesses

We offer the latest generation of tough, durable Generac generators to keep your projects going, even if the weather and power grid aren’t cooperating. These generators are portable, efficient and trusted by data centres, health care companies, local law enforcement and utility services. Other benefits include:

  • A modular power system that allows you to meet unique power demands so you have exactly enough power to keep your team working on the job site
  • CSA-certified power transfer switches that can power through the toughest weather conditions, resist corrosion and reduce the likelihood of overheating
  • Access to Wi-Fi, and internet, allowing you and your team to control your backup generator from anywhere, check the current status and keep your work site safe and secure

Generac industrial backup generators are powered by diesel, so it’s easy to ensure you have enough fuel. If you’re beginning to run low on fuel, you can receive alerts so you can secure more diesel before your generator runs out. 

Milton, ON, Commercial Generators for Small Businesses and Offices

Whether you’re operating a small retail business, a restaurant or an office space, keeping the lights on is important, even when facing inclement weather and power outages. The length of time your property loses access to power can be costly to you and your team alike. To begin with, you won’t be able to help customers when your systems go down, and any perishable goods you’re storing could go bad.

Another concern is the potential for criminals to act if they know your business doesn’t have access to its security systems. Your team could be put in harm’s way if people with bad intentions attempt to take advantage of the situation.

Where most businesses lose money in a power outage, however, is in opportunity losses and wages. Workers still require pay when they’re on the clock, and they’ll remain idle if there’s a power outage. If customers can’t be helped, that amounts to lost sales. By the time the power comes back on, you could have lost thousands of dollars in mounting costs and lost sales. 

A commercial backup generator solves all these issues by providing your business with the power it needs to continue operating even if the power goes out. Since it senses the power disruption and activates automatically, you don’t even need to be present to make sure your business has power. You can also access status updates and check to see if your generator needs routine maintenance or repairs from your mobile devices. 

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