Preserve Your Power in King, Ontario

It’s important to have an alternate source of electricity for your home or business in Ontario, where people can expect to face an average of four to five power outages a year. If you own a residential or commercial property in King, Ontario, prolonged outages can be a serious and expensive inconvenience. Having a solution other than calling the utility company when the lights go out can prove essential, and that’s where Generac standby generators come in.

Residential Backup Generators

Homeowners have many reasons to seek protection from the effects of prolonged power cuts. Without power, heating and cooling systems shut down, food spoils and digital devices drain until they’re useless. If you’re forced to resort to a hotel until the lights are back on, costs can mount rapidly.

A professionally installed home generator can automatically compensate for an outage and power critical circuits or even your entire home. Generac home generators come equipped with remote monitoring that makes it possible to check your system by cellphone from almost anywhere.

Commercial Standby Generators

Time is money for any business, and time lost to power cuts can mean more than just lost sales revenue. Without electricity, refrigeration shuts down. That can mean spoiled supplies for restaurants and convenience stores, spoiled medications and vaccines for health clinics. It can mean the loss of essential data for an office or the shutdown of critical medical equipment for assisted living or nursing care facilities. 

Generac’s commercial generators can compensate automatically for power losses and save money for your business. They come designed for single- or multi-phase installations, protected by all-weather enclosures, and provide helpful accessories like load management tools and switches. 

Industrial Generators

Thanks to weather phenomena and growing demand on aging power grids, power outages can also come for larger facilities like hospitals, law enforcement, educational institutions or factories and warehouses. For companies working on demanding production schedules, it’s critical to keep major machinery working and the workforce in operation.

Generac supplies customized industrial-scale power solutions with diesel generators at their core. These automatic standby generators come with a wide range of additional tools like integrated switching and load management and provide outputs of up to 2 MW.

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