The province of Ontario is statistically at the highest risk of power outages of any region in Canada. A combination of aging power grids, steadily growing demand and increasingly severe weather events have made outages five times more common here than elsewhere in the country. If you own a home or run a business, it’s crucial to have backup power when the lights go out, and there’s no more dependable source for that kind of power than a Generac standby generator installed and maintained by the experienced team of professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Residential Standby Generators in Hamilton, ON

Having a standby generator in your home can be a lifesaver in the case of a prolonged power outage. With power knocked out for more than a few hours, major appliances cease to function, and food and beverages can spoil. Digital devices and cell phones can run down to the point of uselessness without the power to charge them. Sump pumps can fail, and your family is left without light, heat or air conditioning. With a Generac residential backup generator, you can avoid those inconveniences and enjoy advanced features:

  • An automatic transfer switch seamlessly compensates for power loss with utility-quality electricity, powering either certain crucial circuits or your entire home.
  • A selection of fuel sources including propane, natural gas and diesel makes it easy to find a unit that matches the available utilities in your area.
  • Remote monitoring technology, both Wi-Fi and cellular-based, allows you to check the generator’s function from just about anywhere.
  • A wide range of output levels and a purpose-built engine function reliably even in adverse circumstances.
  • Unobtrusive visual design and noise levels as low as 60 decibels give you the power you need without intruding on your life.

The team at Platinum Electrical Contractors can help you find the best place to install your home’s backup power and can provide regular maintenance and emergency repairs whenever needed.

Commercial Backup Generators

Business owners in Hamilton can afford long power outages even less than homeowners. Retail businesses can expect to be exposed to increased risk of theft with their regular power compromised and can expect thousands of dollars in lost revenue for every hour they’re out of commission. Restaurants, convenience stores and medical clinics all depend on refrigerated supplies, and the latter are also heavily reliant on functional medical equipment. Business insurance doesn’t always cover the losses incurred from a power outage, so it’s important to have a solution beyond waiting for the utility company to correct the situation.

Commercial backup generators from Generac have many of the same core features as residential units but with an even bigger range of possible output levels. They come with aluminum enclosures that protect them from the climate, include cold weather kits for reliable winter startups and come UL-rated and code-certified for regulatory compliance and fire safety. User-friendly LCD controls make them easy for any staff member to operate.

Industrial Backup Generators in Hamilton, ON

For major commercial and public service facilities like warehouses, factories and major health care centers, having backup generators is not optional: it’s generally a regulated necessity to keep their critical services up and running no matter the weather. The technicians at Platinum Electrical Contractors know that backup industrial power calls for a modular design that’s easy to scale, versatile and absolutely dependable. We specialize in designing customized industrial gensets at both medium output levels powered by biofuels and high-output designs that use natural gas or diesel, tailored specifically to the needs of each and every customer. They come with extra-sturdy transfer switches and intelligent controls designed for web-based, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth input, making it easy for nonspecialists to operate them. 

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