Canadians are becoming increasingly concerned about aging power infrastructure throughout the country. Storms, cold weather and natural disasters threaten the power grid and could leave residents and businesses without power for hours or days. The solution to this problem is using backup generators as an alternative power source during a power outage.

Here are several backup generators Platinum Electrical Contractors installs and offer service for & how they can help your home or business when the power goes out.

Backup Generators for Homeowners in Halton Hills

There are many reasons you could lose power in Halton Hills. Utility companies have trouble keeping up with demand in recent years, making rolling outages more common. Summer storms and winter snow events strain aging power infrastructure, increasing the chance that you might be out of power until a crew can find and fix whatever line or power structure has gone down.

In the meantime, while your power is out, the food in your freezer is beginning to thaw, you lose access to your home security system, your family can’t charge their electronic devices, and you could even be locked out of your garage. If you lose power during the winter, it could turn off your HVAC system and lead to frozen and burst water lines within your home.

Considering all these factors, it’s easy to see why homeowners are turning to backup home generators to protect their homes and families. Generac generators sense power disruptions and activate automatically, so you’re not left in the dark. You can control your generator from anywhere, and options that meet different fuel and power usage criteria are available. 

The Best Commercial Generators for Businesses in Halton Hills

Whether your small business is a retail shop, a restaurant or office space, it’s important that you maintain power to help your bottom line. During an outage, you could lose thousands of dollars as your employees are forced to stop what they’re doing. You may lose customers and revenue because you can’t help them or experience retail theft when your security systems are down. Power outages can also turn a safe work environment into a potentially dangerous one, and they may result in lost inventory if you need to keep anything in your space temperature-controlled.

Generac commercial backup generators are the solution for many office buildings, medical facilities and law enforcement agencies across Ontario. They ensure that business continues as usual during a power outage and that your customers and workers remain safe during emergencies. You have complete control of your generator from any location with internet access, so you’ll know right away if your generator has turned on and can check your reserve fuel levels as it runs. 

Another great feature Generac provides is the ability to evaluate whether your generator is ready for maintenance. This ensures your generator will be in top shape when you need it most.

Halton Hills Industrial Backup Generators

Not all generators are built the same, so industrial projects demand durable, high-capacity industrial backup generators. Warehouses, factories, telecom companies and data centres across Canada trust Generac generators. One of the reasons for this is that Generac systems are modular, allowing you to create a backup power system tailored to your specific demands.

These industrial generators operate on diesel and are completely portable, so you can move them from one project to the next with ease. With up to 2 MW of power, you know your team can continue to get the job done regardless of what happens with the weather, local utility companies or natural disasters. 

Some of the key benefits you get from a Generac industrial backup system include:

  • Control systems that are compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and internet protocols, making them accessible from just about any mobile electronic device
  • ISO-certified industrial transfer switches that can withstand extreme temperatures and power demands without corrosion
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities that let you know the status of your generator, when you need to perform repairs and how to keep it running perfectly so it’s ready when you need it

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