Keep your home and business in power when inclement weather and other events take out the electricity in your area. Platinum Electrical Contractors is the best-Authorized Home Standby Generator dealer in the Greater Sudbury and Ontario area. Our licensed generator experts can help you find the best custom system configuration for your needs. 

We design a custom backup power system for you, installing it in one or three phases and providing ongoing preventive maintenance and repairs. Go online or call now to learn more about keeping your lights on in Greater Sudbury when the power goes out.

Residential Generators

We offer a range of backup generators for homes in Greater Sudbury, starting at power loads as low as 15 kW. Generac generators operate at a lower volume than competitors, with our residential standby generators reaching only 60 decibels, about the same as an air conditioning unit, and they come with a noise-dampening exterior. 

Whether you’re facing wind and thunder or freezing blizzards, Generac generators are built strong to protect your home and family. Don’t worry about the aesthetic of your home, as our generator covers are customized for ideal landscape matching, with various finishes to choose from. These coverings also serve a more practical use, protecting your backup generator from the elements and the cold.

When the lights flicker, they tend to come back on right away or after a few hours, it’s important to be prepared for long-term outages. While uncommon, events like the Great Blackout of 2003 in Ontario, where customers went without power for 41 hours, can cripple a business and endanger a family reliant on electric heating. Generac generators can be built to provide long-term outage protection and switch over with either manual controls that let you turn on the power or automatic controls that transition seamlessly as soon as needed. 

Commercial Generators

When you have an office space filled with sensitive electronics and technology used by a team to keep your company running smoothly, make sure you have a backup generator system in place if the power goes down in your area. At Platinum Electrical Contractors, we can equip your commercial space to stay up and running, whether it’s a small office space or a high-volume restaurant. 

In the event of an outage that lasts several hours, your business could lose a substantial amount of revenue without some alternative power supply in place. If your shop were impacted for several hours, you could lose tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no insurance available to help recuperate that loss. 

Our talented technicians can install your generator as well as provide ongoing maintenance, including:

  • Routinely scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • Replacing oil, fuel and air filters according to schedule
  • Upgrading onboard firmware as it’s released
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking transfer switch
  • All other needed maintenance tasks to ensure a long life for your generator

If your Generac generator stops working, we can provide a full repair service, including for the transfer switch system. We also offer warranties on our installed generators and financing options for qualified partners. 

Industrial Generators

Whatever your industrial needs are, our specialists can help you create a full system that helps you manage your power load and prevent disruption in your production line during a blackout. Our Generac backup generators can be installed with wattages ranging from 15 kW to 1000 kW and a range of other customisation options, including:

  • High-power or medium-voltage systems and power-conserving models for long-term outages 
  • Natural gas, propane, diesel and bi-fuel options
  • Different network connectivity and electrical characteristics
  • A range of accessories for different environments and applications

In addition to sturdy backup generators, we sell various accessories with scalable configurations and customisable options. We combine integrated switching with load management features and user-friendly multi-compatible controls. Our ISO switches are certified to meet the highest standards, designed by expert engineers with heat- and corrosion-resistant materials. 

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