Be safe rather than sorry with a Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst, Ontario, from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Harsh winter weather can leave your home or business vulnerable to power outages, and a generator can mitigate those risks with reliable backup electricity that keeps critical appliances or equipment up and running. 

If you’re searching for a backup power solution for your home or business in Gravenhurst, turn to Platinum Electrical Contractors. Our skilled professionals help you prepare your home for winter with new or replacement Generac generator installation and provide reliable repair and maintenance for existing units. Contact us for a quote today to ensure your space can easily handle incoming inclement weather before it begins.

Generac Home Backup Generators in Gravenhurst, ON

Comfort and safety in your home depend on a reliable power source, especially when temperatures dip, and winds whip up sudden winter storms. Extreme weather conditions affect Ontario regularly, including ice storms and heavy snowfall, which can lead to extended outages. These unforgiving conditions make Generac home backup generators a smart way to keep essential services up and running during electrical infrastructure failures.

In addition to keeping your heat and lights on to stay warm and cozy, a Generac home backup generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors also helps prevent pipes from freezing. It ensures vital appliances like refrigerators, freezers and sump pumps continue doing their jobs as usual. Installing a Generac home backup generator also offers homeowners a lifeline by letting them keep electronics charged for improved connectivity during emergencies.

Gravenhurst, ON, Commercial Generators by Generac

Power outages at home are one thing, but they’re quite another at your business. Loss of electricity can lead to downtime for your establishment at best and spoilage of products or damage to your facility at worst. These risks are why a Generac commercial backup generator makes sense when operating a Gravenhurst, Ontario, business. Remote cellular-based monitoring lets you know when issues occur, and automatic transfer switches power things up again when interruptions happen.

Whether you run an office, a retail store or a restaurant, operate a medical clinic or maintain buildings for agencies and organizations, Platinum Electrical Contractors understands your needs and can help you pick the right commercial backup generator to match your power requirements. All-weather enclosures help our Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst easily withstand the rigors of time. At the same time, user-friendly control panels enable easy use by owners and employees alike when outages occur.

Dependable Generac Industrial Backup Generators

Downtime due to electrical infrastructure failure affects more people than just you — workers also lose time and money when outages occur. Industrial backup generators ensure mission-critical equipment stays online and functional for added peace of mind that workers, customers, and clients can access your systems and monitor project progress, even when winter weather shuts down your power.

From telecom businesses, data centres and educational institutions to government agencies, municipal utilities and health care facilities, Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst, ON, can aid you in maintaining a reliable backup system. We use industrial-grade supplies and enclosures with our industrial generator installations, and the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors also offer maintenance and repair services, so you don’t need a specialist on staff to keep your unit in great repair.

Benefits of Choosing Platinum Electrical Contractors

When you choose Platinum Electrical Contractors for your Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst, ON, you enjoy the numerous benefits of working with a local dealer. We live and work in the same area you do, so we understand the vagaries of the climate. Likewise, our experienced professionals have a knack for sizing up your space to ensure you get the correct backup generator to support your essential appliances. We also work with respected national lenders to find qualified buyers the financing they need to protect their homes or businesses from power outages.

Platinum Electrical Contractors isn’t just with you through your Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst. We’re also there when you need help maintaining your unit. By performing maintenance tasks, we help extend the life span of your backup generator and optimize the unit’s efficiency to save you money on energy costs when the power goes out for extended periods. Our professionals inspect your unit before the winter starts, top off your fuel, change your oil, filters and spark plugs, test the battery and upgrade any firmware, enabling smooth start-up and operation when you need your backup generator.

Your Gravenhurst, ON, Backup Generator Specialist

Discover how a backup generator for your home or business can provide peace of mind when winter storms arrive. Platinum Electrical Contractors walks you through every step of Generac generator installation in Gravenhurst, Ontario, and delivers exceptional service afterward with reliable maintenance and repair as needed. Get an in-home or virtual quote today for a backup generator tightly tailored to your personal needs.