If you’ve lived in Georgina, ON, long enough, you may have noticed that power outages are becoming more frequent. The reasons for power loss are out of your control, but you can prepare your home and business with a standby generator. Keep reading to learn how our Generac generators can protect your family, employees and properties in a power emergency. 

What Is a Backup Generator?

When considering ways to protect your home or business in an emergency, you shouldn’t forget your power needs. A backup generator provides the power you need to run essential appliances, but not all backup generators are the same. Traditional generators must be powered up manually, while a standby generator can detect and respond automatically during a power outage.

The demand for backup generators is growing in Ontario. Severe weather events and other types of emergencies are becoming more common, and the electrical infrastructure throughout Ontario is beginning to show signs of weakness. Many grid components need to be replaced, and utility companies respond with rolling blackouts when they can’t deliver power to all their customers.

If you’re considering a backup generator, you should evaluate how you intend to use it. Generac generators have the potential to replace all your electricity needs during an outage when you purchase the right generator. This can protect your home, industrial business or commercial office.

Home Standby Generators

While you may believe you can weather the storm and wait for power to return in an emergency, a lot can go wrong while waiting for the power company to reconnect you to the grid. The first potential problem is that your garage door and security system may go down, making it more difficult for you to come and go from your home with safety and ease.

An extended power outage could ruin all the food in your refrigerator and take out your heating or cooling system. These are significant health and safety risks, but you could also suffer property damage if a power outage occurs in the cold of winter and pipes burst inside your home. A home backup generator solves these problems and provides the convenience of allowing you to continue using your electrical devices while waiting for your primary source of power to be restored.

Homeowners in Georgina, ON, are also finding that installing a whole-home generator can increase the resale value of their homes. If you ever need to move, you can quickly recoup your investment. 

Commercial Backup Generators

A standby generator can protect your business from catastrophic losses during a power failure. When the power goes out, so do your computer systems, security and refrigeration units. You’re forced to continue paying your staff while they’re not being productive, and you could lose thousands of dollars while you’re unable to serve your customers.

A commercial backup generator protects your business and your employees at the same time. You can check on the status of your location’s power, know when your generator needs maintenance, and ensure you have enough backup fuel to weather the storm if an emergency strikes. 

Industrial Automatic Generators

Generac provides durable and powerful generators to law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities, municipal utilities, educational facilities and factories. No job is too big for Generac to cover. When shopping for an industrial standby generator, you’re able to choose from multiple fuel sources, including diesel and natural gas, and select an option that provides enough power to keep your operation in gear. 

Business owners are thrilled with the ability to monitor their generators worldwide. This gives them extra awareness in the event there’s an emergency, and they can see how much fuel they have left to run their generator. Your generator also informs you when critical maintenance is needed to keep it ready in the event of power loss. 

Find the Generator for Your Home or Business Needs

With power demand growing in Georgina, ON, and utility companies struggling to keep up, residents and business owners are turning to Platinum Electrical Contractors for power security. Whether you have questions about backup generators or are ready to take the next step toward installing your generator, we can help. Contact us today and let us know more about your goals so we can give you a quote for a generator suited to your needs.