Prepare for the vagaries of Ontario weather with a Generac backup generator installation from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Whether you own a home or a business in East Gwillimbury, you can benefit from a generator installation that keeps your space powered and comfortable during harsh weather or emergency situations. In business since 1959, Generac offers ultra-reliable generators tough enough to withstand extreme Canadian winters and the demands of your mission-critical equipment.

Our trained professionals install generators sized right for your home, retail store or industrial facility, then provide service afterward to keep your system in good working order. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss custom configurations that meet your standby power goals by calling 844-443-6776 or via our contact form.

Residential Generators for East Gwillimbury Homeowners

Maintain power to essential household equipment — or your entire home! — with residential Generac generator installation in East Gwillimbury, ON. Choose residential generators that provide between 7,000 and 22,000 watts of power, depending on the size and needs of your home, and select options that operate via diesel, propane or natural gas based on utility availability. Additionally, we protect our generator installations with aluminum enclosures that keep out the elements during severe Canadian weather. 

The skilled professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors can install select circuit generators by Generac that keep key equipment like furnaces, water heaters and sump pumps online during seasonal storms and emergency events. Our residential backup generator options also include managed home systems that power most of your house but balance loads on high-draw appliances. Whole-home systems let you effectively operate off the grid entirely for seamless power, no matter the conditions.

Commercial Generac Generators for ON Businesses

Protect your business during power outages with commercial generator installation from Platinum Electrical Contractors. We provide businesses in East Gwillimbury, ON, with versatile Generac generators that are suitable for keeping freezers functional in stores, warehouses and restaurants and ensuring retail and dining establishments have the lights on and payment capabilities operating in any situation involving electrical interruption. These commercial generators also prevent downtime for essential equipment in medical, residential health care and assisted living facilities.

Rely on Generac generators to seamlessly switch on during instances of interruption. Options such as load management switches and tools enable easy customization of the ideal commercial backup generator for your commercial business. Platinum Electrical Contractors offers Generac generators for single-phase or three-phase installations and uses a remote cellular-based system to monitor and test your unit weekly for added peace of mind. Code-compliant designs, cold-weather protection kits and aluminum enclosures enhance the reliability of our commercial generator installations in East Gwillimbury, ON.

Industrial Generators Installation in East Gwillimbury

Prevent downtime when it matters with a Generac generator installation in your East Gwillimbury industrial facility. The factory-authorized professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors help you pick out the best components for your industrial standby generator, with top-notch transfer switch to maintain a balanced load during outages and high-quality controllers that operate via easy-to-use touchscreen controls. Weatherproof enclosures designed for minimal emissions and noise buffer the generator we install from harsh conditions for dependable operation.

Get a Generac industrial generator perfectly sized for your business from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Our selection of scalable generators delivers on your industrial-grade needs, with capacities ranging from 750 kW to 2 MW and features such as load management and integrated switching. Our industrial generators are suitable for the needs of:

  • Telecom centers and installations
  • Data centers
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Colleges
  • Municipal utility systems
  • Clinics, hospitals and rehab facilities

Our highly trained professionals not only install your industrial generator but also perform routine maintenance and necessary repairs so they better understand the needs of your system. 

After-Installation Service and Repair for Generac Generators

Rely on Platinum Electrical Contractors to provide the aftercare you require after your Generac generator installation. Our highly trained technicians service your unit on a schedule and offer one-time maintenance services and repairs as needed. They also help you out with warranty claims to ensure your backup generator stays ready to go, no matter the season.

Discover how you can maintain power to your East Gwillimbury, ON, home, commercial business or industrial facility during storms and emergencies by calling 844-443-6776. Factory-authorized to install and service Generac generators, Platinum Electrical Contractors offers scalable power solutions in uncertain situations. Remote monitoring functionality lets you monitor, test and control your unit from your smartphone, tablet or computer to ensure essential equipment stays powered up when conditions change.