For over 25 years, Platinum Electrical has made sure Cambridge is never without power when energy fails. Our experienced technicians have seen and done everything from industrial warehouses to family homes. Put simply, we specialize in high-quality generator installation for any and all types of customers. 

But our commitment doesn’t end at installation. We know how important a backup energy source is in principle, which is why we’re the number one generator service and maintenance provider. Generators are significant financial investments, and they’re a source of security. After all, if you can’t count on a backup when the power fails, what’s the use of having it at all? For this reason, our customers in Cambridge are our partners for as long as they own a generator. 

Services Far Beyond Installation

In our quest to establish ourselves as clear leaders in backup energy, we’ve put considerable effort in our approach to generator maintenance and service. Our technicians are industry veterans with the eye and the expertise to spot problems before they turn into a situation where you need power and don’t have it. As part of our ongoing service and maintenance, Platinum Electrical will: 

  • Keep your generator running efficiently and reliably. Our service plans include regular inspections to make sure your generator runs smoothly. We’re the backup for your backup. 

  • Go above and beyond to make sure you’re never without energy. Our industry experience gives us the insight to identify potential generator issues long before they turn into real problems, keeping your lights on no matter what.

  • Ensure the life and longevity of your generator. Our primary goal is 100% energy uptime for every one of our customers. The secondary benefit of our focused efforts is that your generator will hum like a hand-built motor, year after year. 

This covers only a fraction of our services and maintenance. And our services after installation are something we’re proud to offer. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ll help keep you powered on when your energy fails, don’t hesitate to call us. 

Generac Generators Make Our Work Simple

While our maintenance services are a badge of honor, we must give credit where it’s due. Without the exceptionally high quality of Generac generators, our job would be difficult. While we help customers with other makes and models, we only trust Generac regarding new installations. For quality, reliability and technology, there’s simply no beating Generac. 

Leaders in Generator Technology

In terms of standby power technology, Generac continuously leads the pack. Our customers with commercial businesses love Generac’s Mobile Link remote monitoring technology, which lets them access their backup power from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or computer. And Generac’s Synergy Line of generators is a favourite of our eco-conscious customers. Like a hybrid vehicle, this generator uses technology to align the energy output to what you need, so you’re never wasting fuel. This also results in much lower noise levels, giving you peace of mind and peace and quiet.

Quality You Can Count On

Many cheap generators aren’t much more than an engine with a power plug. They may get the job done in a pinch, but reliability and efficiency are another matter entirely. Generac generators, on the other hand, Generac generators are far more than a simple power source. In a word, they aren’t built—they’re engineered. From end to end, every generator by Generac is created to provide an experience that’s as close to energy infrastructure as possible, including uninterrupted, utility-grade power. 

The Best Warranties in the Industry

Most generator companies, like those that sell the power-mounted motors we mentioned, only provide a 1-year warranty. But like every other aspect, Generac isn’t satisfied with industry standards. This is why Generac generators come with a 5-year warranty out of the box. And for those who want to invest in more coverage, warranty extensions of up to 12 years are available. Like Platinum Electric, Generac is committed to providing the best of the best.



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Making Sure You’re Never Without Power

In most situations, energy failure doesn’t have a serious impact. Our infrastructure has backups and fail-safes of its own, but these don’t always keep the power on. Without warning, you could find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence, but you’re left in the dark.

More serious are the moments when power fails for a considerable amount of time. While Cambridge doesn’t need snowplows during the winter months, no one wants to spend several hours or days without energy when the temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark. 

Don’t wait until the next power outage ruins an important event or leaves you in the cold and dark. Contact Platinum Electric to find out about our:

  • Wide selection of Generac generators. We offer a variety of quality Generac generators that meet a range of needs and budgets. Our expert staff is happy to help you find the perfect fit.

  • Expert installation process. From industrial installations to family home setups, our experienced technicians have done it all. Your safety is our highest concern in any situation, so we’re always code and regulation compliant.

  • Customized plans. Whether it’s a business or a family, no two are alike. Each of our customers has unique needs, and we work with every one of them to find the best solutions and services. 

Keeping Cambridge’s Power Going Since 1991

Whether you need a backup energy solution for your industrial businesses or a generator to keep your home office powered when the electricity fails, we can help. Since 1991, Platinum Electrical has been the premier provider of generators, generator installation and maintenance in Cambridge and the Greater Ontario Area. We’re honored to be the highest-rated backup energy provider in the area. 

For top-tier generators and the most comprehensive service and maintenance plans in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact Platinum Electrical to get a quote on your future back energy needs. In the meantime, we look forward to serving your backup needs for years.