The growing frequency of severe storms and unusual weather has combined with rising demand and aging infrastructure to make power outages a regular feature of life in Canada. That’s especially true in Ontario, where significant outages have grown 20% more frequent in recent years, making it important to be ready for the unexpected in a community like Caledon, ON. You can wait for the utility company to get the power back on, but waiting without a plan becomes more costly the longer an outage lasts. Fortunately, Generac backup generators — installed by the friendly professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors — offer a solution.

Residential Standby Generators in Caledon, ON

A home backup generator is an essential item for keeping your home and family safe during a power outage. A lack of power will knock out your home’s lights and environmental controls, stop sump pumps and major appliances from working and produce food and supply spoilage through a lack of electricity, and it can cut you off from family and emergency services when your devices run out of charge. A Generac standby generator can offer a reliable way to avoid these difficulties.

Home generators from Generac offer a wide range of key features:

  • They work with your choice of diesel, natural gas or propane fuels, making it easy to plug into area utilities.
  • They offer unobtrusive visual design and operate with noise levels as low as 60 decibels.
  • They come in a wide range of power capacities suitable for powering anything from specific circuits in your home to the entire residence.
  • True Power Technology provides utility-grade electricity.
  • MobileLink remote monitoring allows you to monitor the system from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

The purpose-built engines of these units, combined with aluminum protective enclosures, ensures they function in even the most demanding conditions. Platinum Electrical Contractors is a factory-authorized PowerPro Elite+ dealer and installer that provides services, sales and support 24 hours a day. We stock a complete set of parts and have access to Generac’s full product line, making us a go-to choice for homeowners in Caledon, Ontario.

Commercial Backup Generators

The expenses of power outages can be prohibitive for business owners. Restaurants, medical clinics and convenience stores can be vulnerable to food and supply spoilage, while retail outlets can bleed hundreds or even thousands of dollars for each hour of lost business, not even counting their increased risk of loss from theft with security devices inoperable. Even business insurance against outages only pays out in specific time windows, so having commercial backup power is essential.

A commercial backup generator installed by the experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors brings multiple benefits to your business in Caledon:

  • Your choice of single- or triple-phase installation
  • User-friendly LCD controls that make it simple for your employees to track your system’s performance
  • Load management tools, switches and other accessories
  • Remote cellular-based monitoring
  • Weekly self-tests and cold weather kits that maximize reliability even in harsh weather conditions

Your backup generator utilizes an automatic power transfer switch, kicking in automatically to provide high-quality backup electricity in a seamless transition from the normal power grid. With accessible financing, preventive and scheduled maintenance and round-the-clock emergency services, a Generac standby generator can form a key part of your business’s emergency planning.

Industrial Gensets in Caledon, ON

There are all sorts of high-importance facilities that can’t afford power outages. Warehouses and factories work to exacting production schedules and safety regulations, hospitals and educational facilities provide essential services, while data centres and telecommunication hubs support broad swathes of digital infrastructure we take for granted. In all these cases, industrial backup generators are a core requirement of operations.

When you’re updating an existing system or installing a new one in Caledon, Ontario, you need experienced teams of experts like the technicians at Platinum Electrical Contractors. Authorized dealers in industry-leading Generac products, the heart of our industrial product lines is high-capacity diesel units that can handle the ever-increasing energy needs of today’s fast-paced companies and modern marketplace. We design customized generator solutions at a range of outputs up to 2 MW, and our designs are modular for maximum scalability and versatility.

Industrial Generac backup generators offer intelligent controls, ISO-certified transfer switches and hand-picked expert-engineered accessories. Platinum Electrical Contractors offer regular inspections, annual maintenance, warranty service plans and ready access to parts and consumables. It’s our mission to make sure your backup power performs when you need it most.

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