Consider installing a backup generator in Burlington, ON, for many reasons. Harsh winters are a concern, and power companies are facing increasing demand each summer and may be forced to initiate rolling power outages to keep up. This guide reviews the most common types of backup generators we offer and their primary benefits.  

Why Burlington, ON, Residents Turn to Home Backup Generators 

Many things could go wrong during a power outage. It could knock out your home security system, turn off your heat, cause the food in your refrigerator to spoil or make it more difficult for you to access your garage. These problems are compounded if you’re not around during the power outage, and the last thing you want is to return home to find frozen pipes, spoiled food or other damage. 

A home backup generator uses an alternative fuel source to protect your home during a power outage. When the generator senses you’ve lost power, it takes over and supplies enough power to keep your vital systems running. You can select a Generac generator capable of supplying all your everyday power needs so you can go about your life as usual when the power is out.  

Protecting Your Commercial Business in Burlington 

Burlington winters can create the perfect storm for power grids. If you run a commercial business, you could suffer losses during a power outage. For example, if you sell food, the supplies in your freezer or refrigerators could spoil if you don’t get power back soon enough. You need to pay employees during the outage even though they aren’t productive, and your security and computer systems will go down without electricity.  

You need a commercial backup generator to keep your business operating during a power outage. Your customers will still be able to visit your business, and your supplies and staff will remain safe. This is why police departments, hospitals and clinics depend on backup generator systems. You can protect your business in the same manner.  

Industrial Backup Generators 

When it comes to supplying power for large-scale operations, Generac doesn’t disappoint with its industrial backup generators. You can build a backup power system that delivers just the right amount of power to keep your company running during an emergency. You can choose from multiple fuel sources and even select portable generators for worksites to keep your entire crew working when the power’s out. These backup generators are equipped with ISO-certified transfer switches, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality and modular power systems. 

Remote functionality lets you check the status of your generator from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. You can also control the generator remotely and monitor its performance.  

Trust the Experts With Your Backup Power Needs 

If you’re looking to protect your home and business from the adverse consequences of a power outage, Platinum Electrical Contractors has the solution for you. We offer free assessments in person to determine your power usage and offer options that fit your budget. Call us today at 1-844-443-6776 or fill out our form to arrange your free quote.