Protect Your Power in Belleville, ON

With severe winter storms on the rise and infrastructure aging, power outages in Ontario have increased in frequency by over 20% in recent years. If you own a home or business in Belleville, Ontario, prolonged power outages can be a costly occurrence, and it’s important to have an option other than waiting for the utility company to effect repairs. Fortunately, getting a Generac standby generator installed by the professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors is an excellent means of protecting your power.

Generac Standby Generators for Home Use

Residential standby generators are a solution to the expensive problems of spoiled food, drained devices, the loss of heating and cooling systems, and the potential need to spend time with your family in a hotel in the event of a power cut. They can power everything from specific crucial circuits to your entire home.

Generac products are unobtrusive and will kick in automatically when the lights go out. Their True Power Technology provides utility-quality electricity without any signal interference, and they’re as quiet as a normal HVAC unit, making them excellent for home use.

Commercial Backup Generators

The world of business doesn’t stop for power outages, and cuts in electricity can cost revenue and resources that an entrepreneur can ill afford to lose. Whether your restaurant relies on refrigeration or your office relies on power for its computer systems and essential data, a commercial standby generator can protect your business from the costly consequences of power failure.

Featuring corrosion-resistant all-weather enclosures, Generac commercial generators come with user-friendly LCD controls, remote cellular-based monitoring systems, and accessories including load management tools and switches.

Industrial Power Solutions from Generac

Industrial facilities in Belleville depend on consistent power to meet demanding production and shipping schedules and to keep their machinery working and their workforce productive. Platinum Electrical Contractors installs and customizes high-powered diesel, natural gas or propane gensets to meet any need, along with medium-voltage units to power key circuits for longer periods of time.

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