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Backup Generators in Prince Edward County, ON

Keep your home or business fully functional during the worst parts of winter or when bad weather strikes with backup generators in Prince Edward County, ON, from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Suitable for safeguarding everything from remote work setups and food storage to essential medical equipment and vulnerable pipes, our generators provide added peace of mind, no matter the season.

Depend on Platinum Electrical Generators for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. We’re a Premier Level dealer of Generac generators, and our top-notch technicians provide installation and maintenance, service and repairs. Our involvement in every step of the process ensures a worry-free experience throughout the life of your standby and backup generators.

The Ins and Outs of Backup Generators

When you want uninterrupted power in Prince Edward County, ON, Platinum Electrical Contractors has you covered with residential, commercial and industrial backup generators from Generac. These units sit outside your home, business, warehouse or factory, just like HVAC units, and they operate via your choice of fuels, including natural gas and propane.

When outages occur, one of two things happens — either you manually switch on what you want to use or the transfer switch powers your space automatically. When installed, the transfer switch sits near your breaker and flips the switch on the generator, so you don’t have to worry about losing power when you’re away. Our generators also allow fuss-free monitoring via Wi-Fi and mobile and boast low noise levels for quiet operation. Alternatively, we offer models with manual switches for custom home applications.

Prince Edward County Home Generac Backup Generators

No one wants to be stuck without power when inclement weather strikes, and Platinum Electrical Contractors knows this. That’s why we strive for excellence when we install, maintain and service your Generac home backup generator. Aging power grids and an unpredictable climate make Ontario outages more common, which increases your need for a reliable standby generator option when you want to keep your home functioning smoothly year-round.

Platinum Electrical Contractors sticks around after the installation, providing generator maintenance to ensure exceptional functionality over time, no matter the condition. Our best-in-class technicians provide prompt service when your unit does need repairs, getting you ready to face harsh conditions with confidence. When you’re looking for a unit in Prince Edward County, ON, consider the residential backup generator options we offer:

  • Select circuit: Keep vital equipment operational during power outages with a select circuit standby generator. These models help protect your home by ensuring heat, sump pumps and appliances such as freezers and refrigerators stay operational in dire conditions.
  • Managed home: Power multiple systems for more comfort and convenience with a managed home backup generator, which delivers the powerful performance of whole-home systems at a more affordable price point. These units handle several high-draw appliances at once but require manual switching.
  • Whole home: Live life normally during power outages with whole-home standby generators to cover your entire space. These top-notch Generac units do all the work for you so you can continue working or resting without manually switching on electronics or appliances.

Commercial Standby Generators in Prince Edward County

Power outages at businesses cost your company convenience. They also have the potential to ruin expensive inventory and prevent normal operation. Pair that with the fact that most insurance companies don’t cover losses due to power outages that last under 8 hours and you have a recipe for disaster when you depend on an uninterrupted source of electricity. Fortunately, our elite technicians stand ready with high-quality commercial standby generators tailored to your most pressing needs. 

Choose Generac commercial backup generators in Prince Edward County, ON, that accommodate loads ranging from 15 to 1000 kW. Perfect for a diverse array of applications, our commercial standby generators boast liquid-cooled engines for reliable operation in tough conditions and options for using natural gas, diesel or propane. Some businesses and institutions that may benefit from our units include:

  • Government offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Retail establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Small factories

Prince Edward County, ON, Industrial Backup Generators

When you need industrial standby generators in Prince Edward County, ON, you need a dependable option that endures the toughest conditions with aplomb, keeping your business powered and ready to go. Our Generac units stand the test of time with a top-tier track record of providing industrial-grade solutions since 1959. These easy-to-maintain weatherproof units feature code-compliant construction designed to reduce overheating risks — plus quiet operation with minimal emissions. 

Choose from commercial backup generators that use propane, gas or diesel, or select longer-lasting power solutions that utilize natural gas and bi-fuel. Since Platinum Electrical Contractors holds Premier Level dealer status, our highly professional technicians explore every facet of your situation. They then plan and execute your personalized Generac installation based on that knowledge. This attention to detail ensures your industrial backup generator easily handles the needs of your business.

Get Generac Backup Generators from Platinum Electrical Contractors

Severe weather and an aging grid make uninterrupted power solutions a must. Platinum Electrical Contractors offers straightforward solutions for homes, businesses and institutions, increasing safety and convenience while potentially reducing costs. Find out how we can help you with installing, maintaining or servicing your Generac backup generator in Prince Edward County, ON, by requesting a free quote


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