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Backup Generators in Niagara Falls


The Niagara region is known for more than just its scenic countryside, wineries and famous falls. It’s also known for multiple kinds of severe weather events — from floods to thunderstorms to blizzards or tornadoes — that are more than capable of knocking out the power to a home or business. Combined with aging power grids and growing demand, it’s important for anyone who lives or works in Niagara Falls, Ontario, to be prepared when the lights go out and to have a plan beyond hoping for the utility company to fix it. That’s where backup generators installed by Platinum Electrical Contractors come in.

Residential & Commercial Backup Generators in Niagara Falls, ON

A prolonged power outage can be a severe inconvenience for homeowners. Major appliances go down, food can spoil, sump pumps stop working and the digital devices that help you stay in touch with crucial emergency information, as well as with your workplace or family members elsewhere, become impossible to charge. If you’re forced to stay at a motel until the lights come back on, costs can mount rapidly. But with a Generac generator installed by the professional technicians at Platinum Electrical Contractors, you have a seamless alternative: a purpose-built backup power source that kicks in automatically and provides utility-quality electricity either to certain key circuits or to your entire residence. 

Small business owners can’t afford the expenses of a lengthy power outage either. The loss of refrigeration can seriously compromise the supplies that restaurants, convenience stores and health clinics depend upon, and medical offices and care homes rely urgently on having functional equipment and elevators. Compromised computers can leave an office’s valuable data critically exposed, and department stores can face increased losses from theft. Retail outlets can expect to lose thousands of dollars for each hour without power. Having backup power can avert lost revenue and help to keep staff and clientele safe, and a reliable Generac commercial generator can mean peace of mind for any business owner.

Both residential and commercial units installed by Platinum Electrical Contractors come with the kind of key features that demonstrate why Generac has been a leading brand in backup power for decades:

  • They can use a variety of fuel sources, including natural gas, diesel and propane, making them easy to adapt to utility availability in your area.
  • They have an unobtrusive design comparable to any HVAC unit and put out low levels of noise (as little as 60 decibels) while operating.
  • They’re available in a range of capacities depending on your needs and budget.
  • Their purpose-built engines perform reliably in even the most demanding circumstances, while aluminum enclosures protect them from the elements.
  • Mobile Link monitoring, Wi-Fi and cellular-based, allows owners to monitor the unit’s performance from just about anywhere there’s a connection.

Customized Industrial Gensets in Niagara Falls, ON

Industrial facilities like warehouses, plants and factories, data centers, telecom facilities and large health care institutions are all expected to have backup power as a matter of course. Too many businesses and too many people rely on their delivery of key services or demanding production schedules for them to be able to afford outages of any duration. The team at Platinum Electrical Contractors brings decades of experience and expertise to designing industrial backup generator solutions for any level of output requirement: modular systems that are versatile and scalable and can be custom-designed for your facility’s specific needs. Their ISO-certified transfer switches are engineered for durability and reliability, with intelligent controls and a variety of possible fuel sources.

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The leading authorized Generac dealer in Ontario, Platinum Electrical Contractors provides full-service installation and support for backup power of all kinds. We provide professional installation tailored to every client’s needs, and we offer scheduled and emergency maintenance, thorough inspections of units as needed to keep them in top working condition, accurate on-site assessments and free, no-obligation quotes. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect your power when the lights go out in Niagara Falls. 

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