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Protect Yourself From Power Outages by Installing Backup Generators in Lively, ON


Don’t let your home or business go dark during inclement weather. Make sure your backup generator is in tip-top shape for the next big storm with professional help from the generator experts at Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Home Backup Generators

When it’s time to give your home backup generator a checkup, call the pros at Platinum Electrical in Ontario. We can:

  • Change your air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter
  • Upgrade your generator’s firmware to the latest version
  • Check your enclosure and make sure all moving parts, gaskets and other spots of wear and tear are in good shape
  • Oil any moving parts that need it
  • Clean the battery and check for damages 
  • Check the control panel and clear any present errors
  • Verify coolant levels and change your spark plugs if needed

We understand that your individual needs will vary from the next household. We offe backup generators that produce a range of power outputs, from 7,000 to 22,000 watts, to handle loads from the size of a small office room to an entire home. 

Speak with the experts at Platinum Electrical in Lively, ON, to figure out the best emergency power solution for your home. Whether you need a lot of extra power or a little, we can work with you to design a comprehensive Managed Whole Home Installation. 

Not only can you get an emergency generator quickly installed, but it runs at only 60 decibels and has a landscape-friendly enclosure, so you can continue to appreciate your beautiful yard with the addition of your Generac generator seated next to your home.

Commercial Backup Generators in Lively by Generac

How much money does your restaurant, storefront or office make per hour? Don’t let inclement weather create idle time and bring down your profit. Keep a commercial Generac backup generator in great working condition with help from the pros at Platinum Electrical Contractors so your store will stay open even if the power goes out in your area.

Power outages can be a common disturbance in Ontario due to the severe weather we often face. In addition to the feet of snow that tends to collect on power lines every winter, causing them to droop and even collapse from excess weight, we get severe windstorms that tear apart power lines and excessive rainfall that can damage your backup generator. 

Make sure your commercial backup generator is sturdy, well insulated and maintained regularly by the generator experts at Platinum Electrical. 

Generac backup generators use the latest tech, such as silver-plated contact pieces, to keep your generator rust- and corrosion-free as long as possible. This helps guarantee that when you need it most, your machine is ready and waiting to take over your primary power needs until the lights come back on.

Industrial Backup Generators

Sensitive electrical equipment can be damaged during power outages if circuits break without enough time to shut down properly. 

Protect your valuable equipment by making sure a steady stream of power is always supplied, no matter the weather. Generac industrial backup generators can switch over power as soon as the supply is tripped, seamlessly enough that your sensitive equipment won’t notice the difference. This prevents unnecessary damage to your machinery, as well as costly downtime. 

Our industrial diesel generators are specialized for a range of applications, from data and telecom centres to health care facilities and educational institutions to municipal systems. 

The generator’s internal modular power system can support energy loads from 750kW to 2MW, making it possible to power large factories or small business offices. Generac generators are managed with user-friendly, color touchscreen controllers that utilize Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and web-based serial bus protocols to communicate.

We use machine-wound, mechanically installed alternators with liquid cooling systems for the best reliability and the ability to scale when it’s time to grow your operations. 

Contact the Leading Generac Generator Installer in Lively

Every aspect of our backup energy systems is hand-selected and quality-reviewed by factory-authorized technicians and industrial experts, including the transfer switches, controllers and modular power systems. This ensures every Generac generator is in the best condition possible for your needs.

Generac has been keeping homes, industrial warehouses and factories and commercial buildings in business during power outages since 1959. When you’re responsible for keeping your family, crew and equipment safe, choose a Generac backup generator to ensure the power stays on when the rest of Lively’s lights go out. Call now or go online for a free quote and to learn more about our comprehensive backup generator systems.

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