More power outages affect people in Ontario every year than in any other Canadian province. Power cuts cost significant amounts of time and money, expose families to hostile weather and even derail production schedules for manufacturers. If you own a home or run a business in North York, Ontario, you need to be concerned with protecting your power supply.

Generac Standby Generators for Your Home

Summer can bring heat waves and thunderstorms, and winter can bring intense cold and blizzards. There’s no “good” time of year to suffer a power outage in your home in North York, ON. Major appliances and utilities like sump pumps can go out of commission, mobile devices can run out of charge and food can spoil. You can avert these problems with an automated standby Generac generator.

Generac standby generators have been an industry leader for decades. They activate automatically to compensate when power cuts and can run anything from key circuits to your entire home, depending on the unit. You can monitor them remotely when you’re away, making a Generac generator installed by the licensed experts of Platinum Electrical Contractors an ideal way to protect the power of your North York residence.

Backup Generators for Any Business Need

Businesses at any scale can’t afford to take time out for power outages. This is as true for a small convenience store or restaurant — types of enterprises that have to be particularly concerned with spoilage — as it is for larger manufacturing companies that need to meet specific production schedules. Commercial properties of any kind need to protect their power.

Platinum Electrical Contractors can design custom backup power solutions for your business in North York, ON. Generac generators come with all-weather enclosures, user-friendly LCD controls, load management tools, remote monitoring and a host of features designed to provide maximum control and convenience.

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