Ensure your Midland, ON, home or business stays comfortable and operational when inclement weather strikes with a backup Generac generator from Platinum Electrical Contractors. Outages happen more frequently than you might think, and extended outages have the potential to not only leave residences and establishments cold but also damage property or inventory.

With those risks in mind, our professionals install Generac generators that deliver uninterrupted power, and maintain and service the equipment, so you always have someone to turn to in case of problems. Get a free quote for your residence or commercial property from Platinum Electrical Contractors today by filling out this contact form.

Generac Backup Generators for Midland Homes

Look forward to winter a little more with Generac backup generators for your Midland home. Platinum Electrical Contractors helps you with professionally installed home generators that power major appliances and keep the heat on, so you don’t lose the contents of your refrigerator or have to huddle under blankets when snowstorms hit hard. 

Compact profiles and outdoor installation like standard HVAC units make our Generac generators an unobtrusive yet cost-effective way to make seasonal weather and surprise thunderstorms a little less daunting.

Choose from home backup Generac generators from Platinum Electrical Contractors, perfect for your house’s size and emergency power needs. Our units deliver 7,000 to 22,000 watts of power, and we offer Generac generators with automatic and manual transfer switches to customize usage to your preferences. Backup generator types we suggest for home use include:

  • Select circuit: These types of backup generators handle essential things like lighting, water heaters, furnaces and sump pumps, and they typically also keep outlets that power refrigerators and freezers online during outages.
  • Managed whole home: Generac generators with this setup let you maintain power to your choice of high-draw appliances plus other home essentials like lighting and standard outlets.
  • Whole home: These systems keep everything in your home powered during electrical outages, letting you live virtually off the grid during storms and inclement weather.

Commercial Generac Generators for Midland Businesses

Select between single-phase and three-phase Generac generator installations for your commercial facility in Midland, ON. Options ranging between 15kW and 1000kW of power with liquid-cooled systems for smooth operation make it simple to maintain functionality in offices, clinics, restaurants and shops using propane, diesel or natural gas. 

Commercial-grade generators from Platinum Electrical Contractors include automatic transfer switches, so you’re always confident power to your business can stay on, no matter the condition outside your doors.

Generac backup generators for commercial establishments also make a great choice for assisted living facilities and other institutions, including law enforcement agencies, that require an uninterrupted power supply. LCD controls enable fuss-free on-site monitoring, and the equipment our trained professionals install also includes remote cellular monitoring with weekly self-testing, so you’re ready to go if an outage occurs and you’re not on-site to handle the situation immediately. 

UL-certified systems that comply with codes, regulations and fire safety standards provide added peace of mind when you choose Generac commercial backup generators from Platinum Electrical Contractors.

Industrial Backup Power Options in Midland

Maintain power to mission-critical equipment in Midland, ON, when power outages occur with industrial backup generators installed by Platinum Electrical Contractors. Our Generac generators come in an extensive range of standard and custom configurations, delivering up to 1500kW of capacity depending on your factory or warehouse’s needs. 

Whether you need backup generators that run on diesel, propane or natural gas, our selection has you covered with options that provide extended run times to handle multi-day power interruptions.

We offer units that operate via automatic transfer switches, smart controllers and modular power systems to ensure every facet of your business maintains functionality to your exact specifications. 

Additionally, we service and maintain your industrial backup generator system to ensure it’s ready to go when the power goes out. Maximize the utility of your automatic backup generator by working with the experienced professionals at Platinum Electrical Contractors to create a custom plan for your industrial facility.

Discuss your power backup needs today by contacting Platinum Electrical Contractors today at 1-844-443-6776. With over 50 years of experience in the generator installation industry, our trained professionals provide fast, friendly assessments that help you maintain power when weather or emergencies cause outages in Midland, ON.