In Ontario, power outages are becoming increasingly common due to various factors, such as aging infrastructure, rising demand, and severe weather conditions. To ensure that your home or business in Brampton, Ontario, is always powered, it’s essential to have a backup generator installed by Platinum Electrical Contractors using the industry-leading Generac brand.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner in Brampton, Ontario, having a backup generator installed by Platinum Electrical Contractors using the Generac brand is an excellent means of protecting your power supply during power outages. Our licensed professionals can help you choose the best system configuration that suits your needs and provide ongoing preventive maintenance and repairs to ensure your backup power system is always in excellent condition.

Residential Backup Generators in Brampton, ON

Power outages can be a nuisance for homeowners, leaving families without heating or cooling, spoiling food and affecting digital devices’ performance. Fortunately, Generac residential generators provide homeowners peace of mind during prolonged outages. These generators can operate on diesel, natural gas or propane and automatically compensate for power cuts by providing power to specific circuits or the entire home, based on the homeowner’s needs and budget. 

Generac generators feature purpose-built engines that ensure reliable performance and come with Wi-Fi and cell-based Mobile Link monitoring, allowing homeowners to check the system from anywhere.

Commercial Backup Generators in Brampton, ON

Businesses are more vulnerable to power outages, with retail outlets losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour due to outages. A commercial generator is an ideal solution for businesses in Brampton, Ontario, reducing the risk of losing crucial data, disrupting essential equipment, and compromising the security system. Generac commercial generator units come in various sizes, with all-weather, corrosion-resistant enclosures that protect the generator against adverse weather conditions. 

Additionally, automatic transfer switches provide seamless compensation for any outage, and Platinum Electrical Contractors offer extensive access to replacement parts and provide quality customer service.

Industrial Backup Generators, ON

Warehouses and manufacturers require a consistent power supply to maintain a demanding production schedule, making industrial backup generators an ideal solution. Customized high-performance diesel generator systems from Generac can provide automatic power compensation during multi-day outages. Medium-voltage units that run on natural gas, propane, and biofuels are also available. Modular power systems allow industrial clients to build versatile, scalable backup power solutions.

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